Pet Professional Guild Launches New Publication for Pet Owners

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has announced a new digital publication, 'Pets and Their People' developed specifically for pet owners.
Helping Pets Each and Every Day!
Helping Pets Each and Every Day!
INVERNESS, Fla. - April 4, 2022 - PRLog -- The Pet Professional Guild is launching an all-digital publication, 'Pets and Their People' specifically for pet owners.  This new publication will complement 'BARKS from the Guild', PPG's official trade publication published for pet professionals, in the delivery of important education for pet guardians. BARKS has also received a fresh new look, phase one of a huge new platform rebuild for the Guild's existing five websites. "BARKS followers and subscribers will be delighted to find that all the content, current, past and future, can now be accessed without subscribing," states PPG President Niki Tudge.

The announcement of this new online digital magazine providing pet owners with an extensive collection of articles, blogs and videos is phase two of the website rebuild. According to Tudge, "PPG is committed to providing resources and practical tips to pet owners…with a dose of encouragement and humor! Pet owners are busy, yet love their pets, and we want to provide the very best in training, care and enrichment education. Pets and Their People will provide the answers to pet care challenges and questions such as: Can I feed this to my dog? Why does my horse do that? How do I find a reliable pet sitter? Why does my cat think that's the litter box? And much more."

Pam Shultz, DVM, has been appointed as the editor for Pets & Their People responsible for ensuring an ongoing supply of articles, blogs and videos readily available to support pets & their people. Dr. Shultz has been PPG's social media coordinator for the past two years, during which time she has also been assisting PPG as a proofreader and copy editor for its bimonthly trade publication BARKS from the Guild.  Dr. Shultz  is a 2004 graduate of Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Shultz said, "As a pet professional, fellow pet guardian, animal lover and advocate, I am so excited for the opportunity to curate this content dedicated to all things pets and people who love them."

About Pets & Their People
Pets and Their People is an online digital publication providing science-based resources for pet parents in every community. Pets and Their People aims to regularly publish articles and blogs that empower pet guardians to make informed and ethical decisions regarding their pets' care.

Each publication will deliver accessible, friendly, practical, fun topics from a wide array of professionals all committed to supporting the emotional, physical and environmental well-being of our pets.


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