Hairstyling after Lockdown with Vicki Lord

It is hard to believe that many of us in the hair and beauty industry have spent the best part of two years juggling business, ramping up our social media and watching our clients cut their own hair live online ...
KENT, U.K. - March 7, 2022 - PRLog -- Like many other businesspeople in this industry, I indeed had my ups and downs to say the least during lockdown ... but I am back baby and busier than ever.

I know quite a few fellow creatives thought that clients would not return, instead opting for natural colour growth and home chops. This is far from the case and the industry is looking up - thank goodness, because us hairstylists love nothing more than making people feel and look their best.

When your hair looks and feels healthy, you look and feel healthy - I am no scientist - but during my many years of working with hair and people from all walks of life, it is safe to say that 'great hair plays a big part in our happiness'.

I adore being able to connect with my clients directly again. Whilst I closed one salon, I opened a new studio in Faversham. The theme is queen, green and gold...

Most salons have higher hygiene procedures in place since COVID, and are very respective of people's space and nervousness at returning. Remember not to visit salons if you have symptoms or you are waiting for test results.

And if your hair has really grown out since not visiting your hairdresser then maybe consider a new style or colour - try something unique or fun!

Wolf, mullet and shag cuts are favourites at the moment and they are pretty easy to maintain.

If you are brave you can go for a full head of colour or colour blend, or be playful with getting the tips dipped.

Celebrate your hair, after all this time off, it deserves some TLC and so do you.

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