Hiring For Organ Transplant Just Got Easier Thanks To A New Approach

A boutique recruiting firm is changing the way hiring in the organ transplant field of medicine is done.
Transplant Recruiters Logo 03
Transplant Recruiters Logo 03
HOUSTON - March 1, 2022 - PRLog -- To the outside world recruiting seems pretty straightforward, the recruiter or agency matches a qualified and interested person to a company that has a position to fill. However, in the world of organ transplant, it isn't that simple. Experienced, motivated, and caring people of the small but important community of organ transplant are hard to come by. Until now.

A boutique agency - Transplant Recruiters, has a novel targeted approach to attracting the best talent to organ transplant with their advanced internet/web expertise. They focus on one single field of medicine vs trying to be a "jack of all trades" if you will. Transplant Recruiters Agency solely does recruiting for organ transplant.

By focusing their expertise and efforts on just one field of medicine, Transplant Recruiters can tailor their service so the client(s) get exactly what they want instantly instead of spinning their wheels going it alone. While other recruiting agencies try to fill every position within the hospital with hundreds of specialties, never understanding one well enough to do it well. Transplant Recruiters Agency has experience in organ transplant and knows what their clients need and want immediately. They can speak the lingo, attend conferences, and have talked to countless coordinators, managers, and surgeons so as to know how to fulfill what both candidates and clients are looking for.

President & CEO James Schiller, "After having spent 10 yrs on the executive side of organ transplant it became very evident the hiring process of the industry was seriously outdated and slow, so we set out to change that."

By understanding exactly how today's technology can be leveraged they were able to attract the best and most experienced, seasoned candidates immediately upon launch in January of 2021 and in the first year had over 50 resumes and one placement. Their first client, VP of HR said, "from what I have heard so far the surgeons love her (referring to a new hire)".

One of the questions we got in doing this article was "What's the cost to use Transplant Recruiters?" Their CFO stated their commission structure is comparable to that of any executive-level recruiting agency but mentioned they rewarded loyalty often by discounting the normal rate for multiple hires in a calendar year.

Honestly, when you think about the reduction in TTF (time to fill), coupled with less training from having experienced hires, the fee is very reasonable when you consider the time saved and hassle of doing it the old way.

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