2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide Announced

14 Best-in-Class technologies transforming the way we understand, access and engage tomorrow's customers
NEW YORK - March 2, 2022 - PRLog -- TheCustomer, the leading global publication focused on customer engagement disciplines, and Stackmarket, the customer engagement technologies directory, announces the release of the 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide. Presented by Tenerity, the guide identifies 14 Best-in-Class technologies from across a broad spectrum of categories, verticals and disciplines.

Stackmarket interviewed hundreds of technology platforms servicing multiple sectors and verticals to identify companies that are transforming the way we understand, access, and engage tomorrow's customers. The resulting guide represents 14 of the Best-in-Class technologies. "The companies in this guide represent compelling, innovative and important change-makers who are helping to shape a brand-new vision of customer relationships," said Mike Giambattista, CEO of TheCustomer.

Download the 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide here.

Brought on by a confluence of forces that have included a drawn-out, complex, and often confusing response to a worldwide pandemic, a re-writing of customer expectations and thresholds, shifts in employee values and tolerances, compounded by a proliferation in the technologies that are now available to help solve those problems, organizations are looking for reliable guidance.

The 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide will help you identify the customer-engagement technologies needed to navigate the next 12-24 months.

These are the Best-in-Class technologies for 2022:

Tenerity Intelligent Engagement
3radical Consented Data Capture
TadPull Ecommerce Orchestration
CSG Enterprise Customer Experience
FreedomPay Enterprise Payment Tech
Genesys Contact Center as a Service
AnnexCloud Loyalty Architecture
Bloomreach Commerce Experience
Stuzo C-Store Loyalty
Alida VoC - Enterprise
Reach Competitive Customer Insight
StreetBees Realtime Consumer Research
Didomi Consent Management
Algolia Search & Recommendation Engine

As part of the interview and demo review process, TheCustomer and Stackmarket researched technology approaches and compared them to real-world use-cases. The 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide compiles the most important features and functions that illuminate the value they deliver to brands, while recognizing each platform's location within the marketing industry's big and sprawling ecosystem.

"When we originally conceived of this report there were a handful of companies that understood the value of the project from the outset and those same organizations happen to be led by some of the most progressive and forward-thinking people in this space. In particular, we want to call out our lead sponsor, Tenerity, for their support for this effort," said Giambattista.

Download the 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide here.


TheCustomer covers the customer engagement ecosystem - the news, technologies, and people driving the customer revolution.

TheCustomer is where CX meets Loyalty, where UX meets CRM, where Behavioral Economics meets data analyses - a place where all of the disciplines, research, technology and events that shape customer strategy are rolled up into one neat package designed to keep marketers informed and inspired.



Stackmarket exists to shrink the time and distance in between growth tech buyers and growth tech vendors.

At present Stackmarket has cataloged more than 8000 growth technology platforms serving the entire breadth of customer engagement disciplines and verticals – and they're still building, still developing, still researching, still demo-ing – so technology shoppers and buyers don't have to.



Tenerity is an intelligent engagement company. We provide global clients with intelligent engagement solutions that give customers reasons to connect with your brand; attracting them on a daily basis with compelling offers, and not just when they're transacting with your product or service.

Our multi-layered intelligence structures data to inform both content and context to make offers meaningful and effectively personalize at scale. This results in highly curated, individualized marketing offers and immersive customer experiences. Based in Stamford, CT., Tenerity operates in 18 countries and our 1400 associates work with more than 2000 clients.

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Mike Giambattista

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