Dark River Publishing Announces: The release "To Taste You Again" by Cahira O'Donnell

Dark River Publishing Announces: The release "To Taste You Again" by Cahira O'Donnell
DENVER - Jan. 20, 2022 - PRLog -- Dark River Publishing released novelist Chaira O'Donnell's latest book in The Daguronian Chronicles series, "To Taste You Again."

"To Taste You Again," the latest book in The Daguronian Chronicles series, is about an alien Lord, Kane McKean, who knew the moment his destined mate was born. He watched from afar, waiting for her to grow from child to woman but before she was old enough, she was stolen from her home world by flesh pirates. Kane searched ten long years only to find her held in a suspension chamber, a ten-year-old child in a woman's body. He rescued her and swore to give her time to grow up. But with his very life depending upon winning her as mate, has he waited too long?

The Daguronian Chronicles series is set present time. The availability of fertile females had dropped alarmingly in Daguronian and many other sectors of the Sagittarius Galaxy, threatening many races with extinction. While mating practices varied from planet to planet, most mates were predestined and being born in entirely different galaxies. Numerous planets in the sector had taken up the practice of collecting females from other galaxies to survive. The Daguronian Chronicles is a collection of exciting stories about women saved from certain death or rescued from alien flesh pirates by the Daguronian Coalition. After healing and rehabilitation, they are matched with their destined mates, amazing males from another galaxy.

Cahira O'Donnell is an exceptional paranormal, sci-fi, romantic novelist who writes futuristic stories with multifaceted, well-developed characters that are engaging, dynamic, and believable. Her books are unique, absorbing, and difficult to put down. She has also authored the Seven Sisters series launched by Dark River Publishing in June of 2013 with the pilot novel, "The Long Dark Night."

Dark River Publishing first launched Ms O'Donnell's very popular Daguronian Chronicles in 2015 with the well-received first book in the series, "The Chalice of Kari." The first novel was followed by the popular "With All that I Am" released February of 2016. Dark River Publishing is releasing Cahira's next novel in the Daguronian Chronicles series, "To Die For" March 2022 with more to follow.

"To Taste You Again" and other fine books by Cahira O'Donnell are available from Amazon.com (link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019VTNR28?notRedirectT...) or on her website: http://cahiraodonnell.com/

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