How Keona The Founder Of The Feminine School Is Branding Female Personalities With Etiquettes Coaching Across the Globe for Over A Decade

Get the most out of the Feminine School with Keona and discover your true potentials. Step up your feminism now! Join Keona for your amazing transformation!
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Keona Founder of The Feminine School
Keona Founder of The Feminine School
WYOMING, Australia & NEW YORK - Jan. 19, 2022 - PRLog -- As a woman have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question, What are my potentials? Are you confident in yourself or do you need help to build your confidence as a woman? Do you need help to find your place in the spotlight? Keona, who is a certified Image Consultant and Etiquette Expert has taught many women modern etiquette so they can carry themselves with poise while being well dressed, well-spoken, and well-mannered confident ladies.

During her time at Lancôme Paris, she observed how a simple act of self-care such as putting on makeup could literally take a blank canvas and transform it into a head-turner. It wasn't about having perfection, but about creating it.

Keona's journey of refinement saw her from working for LVMH, which held the highest standard of etiquette as a French couture house, to living in New York, working in corporate America, and then moving to Sydney, Australia - where she now resides with her fiancé.

The Feminine School, Founder, Philosophy & Manifesto

Learn the science of beauty and confidence with The Feminine School that aims to ease your worries about the differences (and symbiotic relationship) between femininity and etiquette. Most schools focus on one and always leave the other behind when the reality is that together, good etiquette and a feminine disposition make for a magnetic woman! Keona understands that being a woman does not imply that you are feminine, and simply knowing which fork to use does not automatically display proper etiquette.

​Proper etiquette is how you conduct yourself in a variety of settings. Keona specializes in etiquette coaching where she covers the aspects of dining etiquette, social etiquette, and afternoon tea etiquette. Body language ( is one of her courses that emphasizes more on social etiquette.

The Feminine School was born directly out of this possibility-this necessity to show women that being competitive doesn't automatically mean being aggressive. The Feminine school is exclusively for women; women of all ages and backgrounds. Women in business, housewives, and university students, among many others. Join the 44,000 + ( Feminine School family to stay up to date with amazing information on the website.

Keona is the founder of The Feminine School ( and is bent on educating ladies who are out there looking to explore options to be the architect of their life, build their foundation and choose their own content!


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