PSA - January 2nd - 20th Anniversary of National Motivation & Inspiration Day®

January 2nd of every year is National Motivation & Inspiration Day® , as acknowledged by The United States Congress, which kicks off Motivation & Inspiration Month® in New York State!
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National Motivation & Inspiration Day Logo
National Motivation & Inspiration Day Logo

20th Anniversary of National Motivation & Inspiration Day® and Motivation & Inspiration Month®

January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day®, as established by The United States Congress after the tragic events of 9-11-01.

It is a day dedicated to establishing personal goals and developing the skills and motivations to achieve those goals.

"After 2 years of COVID19 and its variants, can't we all use a little additional motivation and inspiration?" says National Motivation & Inspiration Day® founder, Kevin L. McCrudden.

He explains, "Statistically, only 3% of the highest performing people in the world establish actual annual goals, opposed to 'New Year's Resolutions,' which 85% of people never achieve their resolutions. Establishing goals and writing them down, creates an accountability system and more than just a wish list, but rather tangible goals that we can work toward every day."

To this end, McCrudden has also created the "Simple Goals App," which can be downloaded on every Apple Phone via the App Store.

National Motivation & Inspiration Day® is not only recognized by the United States Congress, but also kicks off "Motivation & Inspiration Month®" in New York State.

McCrudden has dedicated over 20 years to personal and professional development with eight (8) books and audiobooks sold in over 30 countries around the world. He is also releasing his most important work to date in 2022, his first movie, "The Light of Man," a transformational, uplifting, inspirational and unifying story about man's relationship with God and God's relationship with Man!

Here is a link to the original H. Res. 308:

And acknowledged as a National Day of Recognition:


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