Aurora Roofing Company Announce New Gutter Repair Services

Aurora roofing company Pinnacle Roofing offers homeowners several new services to repair the damage done by ice dams during the brutal winter of 2021.
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Aurora Roofing Company
Aurora Roofing Company
AURORA, Colo. - Dec. 28, 2021 - PRLog -- Pinnacle Roofing Associates, LLC, a top-rated roofing company in  Aurora, CO, announced today that their gutter services, a veteran-owned and run Aurora roofing company, Pinnacle Roofing, adds these new services in response to the significant increase in roof damage due to ice dams during 2021's severe winter weather. As a roofing services leader in Aurora, Pinnacle will now offer gutter repair and roofing services specifically designed to repair and correct damage caused by ice dams.

Colorado is known for seeing a relatively severe winter, with frigid temperatures and plenty of snow and ice. The extreme weather, in turn, can cause some significant damage to thousands of homes in the  Aurora, CO metro area. Much of the damage is caused by ice dams, which form when snow on a roof melts and pools near the roof's edge. There the water freezes again, creating an ice dam as the ice expands.  As the ice dam continues to grow and expand, it damages gutters and roof edges as it does. In some cases,  the damage can be severe, causing leaks that lead to thousands of dollars in repair bills.

One of the top roofing companies in Aurora, CO, the U.S. veterans who run the company have seen plenty of damage due to ice dams in Aurora and all around the Denver metro area. They know that many homes in  Aurora are under-insulated, one of the biggest causes of ice dams. That's because under-insulation allows heat to escape through the roof, where it warms the snow that collects there. The water then drips down the roof, collecting and creating destructive ice dams.

Mike, the founder of Pinnacle Roofing and a proud U.S. veteran, knows that you need to first prevent heat from escaping to prevent ice dams. "To prevent heat from leaking and causing ice dams, you need to increase a home's R-value, which means adding insulation," he says. Mike adds that "Depending on the home, the roof, and the type of insulation, it's a big job but well worth the investment in terms of reduced repair costs down the road." In short, ice dams repairs should always be accompanied by adding insulation, which will prevent them from occurring again during future winters.

If you're an Aurora resident and believe your roof was damaged due to ice dams, you're encouraged to call  Pinnacle Roofing Associates, LLC today. Damage from ice dams can create leaks that can, in time, cause massive damage to a home's frame and foundation. Busted gutters can also allow destructive leaks on the side of your home that can impact the foundation and cause flooding in your basement. Often these harmful conditions aren't observed for some time, damaging a home's frame, wiring, sheetrock, and more. Interior mold in the basement and garage is also a frequent problem due to leaks caused by ice dams. Due to the risk,  roof experts recommend calling a top Aurora Roofing Company. Pinnacle Roofing is proud to be one of the top gutter repair and roofing services providers in the Denver metro area.

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You can depend on Pinnacle Roofing Associates LLC for affordable roofing solutions. Experienced,  licensed, and fully insured, the roofing experts at Pinnacle take pride in providing superior services and excellent customer service. They have over 25 years of experience repairing and replacing roofs in the  Denver metro area. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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