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CAMINO, Calif. - Dec. 6, 2021 - PRLog -- For hospitality business owners who already have an amazing website, meeting the mandated accessibility guidelines for users who live with a disability doesn't have to mean starting from scratch.

Access Design Studio can help achieve CERTIFIED WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance standards through a process called Accessibility Remediation.

Get ADA/Accessibility Certified by Accredited Experts

While changes to visual design features such as contrasting colors and animation come into play as key issues of accessibility, a large part of remediation happens behind the scenes through coding. This requires a highly-skilled web developer and design team.

To achieve true accessibility requires much more than the addition of a simple toolbar or website plugin. Using a 'one size fits all' software plugin is not a solution. Plugins and toolbars can only address about 35% of accessibility issues, leaving businesses wide open to ADA lawsuits. In addition, plugins and toolbars often interrupt the assistive technologies such as readers or keyboard tools that many with disabilities utilize, thus making the problem worse, not better.

Accessibility Remediation through Access Studio Design means that a company's website achieves Certified WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Access Design Studio offers concierge-level service and provides stress-free solutions designed to reduce the demands upon busy business owners. Their services include a 'Project Concierge' that keeps everyone updated on progress and is available to answer any questions along the way.

Positive Industry Impact

Website accessibility enriches the lives of hospitality consumers of all abilities searching for customized experiences, digital convenience and relevant information within the worlds of travel, dining, entertainment and more.

People who live with disabilities make up 25% of the population and control an estimated $7 trillion in spending power. Accessibility greatly increases the revenue potential of hospitality businesses.

Millennials accounted for more than 50% of all hotel guests in 2020 and have enormous influence on the hospitality industry—technology, amenity offerings, loyalty programs and more.  However, 30% of all millennial professionals have a disability that prevent them from accessing most hospitality websites. Accessibility ensures that millennials of all abilities find a welcoming online experience and can book services.

For the hospitality industry, website accessibility is a way to rank higher in the search engines (google rewards accessible sites with higher SEO rankings), increase profits and avoid ADA lawsuits.

"Our uniquely qualified team of designers, coders and online-accessibility experts, which includes an internal Accessibility Advisory Board composed of individuals of varying abilities who provide testing and first-person feedback on the work we perform, allows us to provide a vital service to businesses within the hospitality industry."
Denise Páne, CEO & Founder, Access Design Studio

Denise Páne, CEO & Founder, Access Design Studio

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