Men at Age 60: Attitude is what lifts or sinks men at age 60

By: Chibuike Anyoha MD
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Chibuike At 60
Chibuike At 60
HARTFORD, Conn. & LONDON - Dec. 9, 2021 - PRLog -- Ten years ago when I turned 50, I felt that life had come to a climax. I wrote about it, and I threw an all-night dancing party to celebrate and remember. Subsequently, I wrote about how I felt with each passing year, with some years being more memorable than others. If going from age 51 to 59 was like climbing a hill, reaching age 60 feels like one has reached the plateaus of the mountain.

Like turning 50, turning 60 deserved another party. Besides, President Barrack Obama had one to celebrate his 60th birthday. Unfortunately, for now, the prevailing COVID pandemic robbed me of a party. Unlike President Obama, being a physician made me more acutely aware of the dangers of throwing a party during a pandemic.

Nevertheless, let us look at things one could do when reaching age 60. They could look back on the preceding years, revisiting and reexamining many of the ups and downs of the prior decade.  Some too painful to remember, others soothing. They could decide that they would retire or cruise around and only give minimal exertion to the rest of life's challenges. On the other hand, men could gear up and prepare for the upcoming decade at age 60. Thinking about these options is both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.

Attitude matters a lot at age 60. Attitude is what lifts or sinks men at age 60. Therefore, I promise to strengthen myself with a positive attitude. Still trying to figure out what to do at age 60 is an attitude. There ought to be more things in life than medical practice, seeing patients and treating them. Exciting and satisfying as it is, there comes a time when every first love vocation is up for good, and a Littman stethoscope hung with the same satisfaction as Adidas soccer shoes.

Going around selling books, teaching students, or taking a public service in the land of my birth are all ideas that have crossed my mind and are worth exploring. But dreams could be derailed by aches and pains and other illnesses. Adequate exercise, good sleep, vegetable-based food, and grace from heaven above keep men in their 60s healthy. Good lord—I am 60!

That I live in the United States of America, a very generous country.

That Nigeria will aspire to emulate the United States.

That the Igbos of Nigeria will experience peace, happiness, and freedom in their motherland.

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