Nazo Neko has hidden a mystery on the internet

NEW YORK - Nov. 14, 2021 - PRLog -- The mysterious founder of SuperDuper Cat has issued a challenge to internet sleuths and people who enjoy problem solving. If you fancy yourself clever enough you could win big. The first person to solve the mystery will win 50,000,000 SuperDuper Cat.

SuperDuper Cat is the latest cryptocurrency to hit the digital streets. As a grassroots community initiative, the project seeks to provide everyday people with the sort of leverage and influence enjoyed by the elites of the world. The "do good coin," as some call it, will address problems of a global nature, such as human rights, environmental, promoting democracy, preventing wars, and ethical A.I. development.

The mystery is an encrypted message found on the SuperDuper Cat website. Clues to breaking the code have been scattered around and it's up to players to piece it all together. Nazo warns that this challenge is very difficult. The top minds at SpaceX or the NSA would haver a hard time cracking the code. No computer that exists now or in the future could ever solve it, but a sufficiently clever human certainly can.

To play along, simply visit the SuperDuper Cat website at Anyone who wants to try their luck is welcome to do so. When you think you have solved the mystery, you can submit your answer on the SuperDuper Cat Facebook, Twitter, or in the groups at the SuperDuper Cat website. The best of luck to you all!

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