Senior CS:GO world champion DieHardBirdie takes on the role of League Ambassador for Original Gamer Life

DieHardBirdie, senior CS:GO champion, serves as an inspiration for gamers all over the world and the inspiration behind Original Gamer Life
Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg, OGL League Ambassador
Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg, OGL League Ambassador
TOKYO, Japan - Nov. 9, 2021 - PRLog -- Original Gamer Life or OGLife, a social impact ecosystem powered by blockchain and catering to gamers of all ages and backgrounds, introduces their first OGL League Ambassador: Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg, the oldest senior Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) world champion and streamer.

Brandon Sivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life, shared how DieHardBirdie is a key inspiration on how the project began as a concept. "DieHardBirdie's story led to the creation of OGLife. He is an inspiration not just for OGLife but for young and older gamers, proving that age is just a number when it comes to gaming. His advocacy of promoting playing games for senior gamers to help battle dementia and other illnesses perfectly aligns with the OGLife's aim to build a community focusing on gaming and overall wellness," Brandon noted.

Abbe "DieHardBirdie" Borg is a former member of Sweden's Silver Snipers senior CS:GO team. He became the oldest senior CS:GO champion when his team won the championship title at the DreamHack Summer 2019. In the same year, DieHardBirdie retired from his team and went on to pursue his own gaming career. Before he became DieHardBirdie, Abbe Borg was a professional artist for over 50 years — making art pieces and sculptures from paper, napkins, brass, and copper metal sheets. Now at 79 years old, DieHardBirdie plays CS:GO and streams it on his very own Twitch channel where he gained a significant number of followers since he started last year. DieHardBirdie also appeared as the featured guest in an episode of Gamebreakers, a six-part documentary series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year.

"I always believe that age is only a number, you are not too old or too young to play games or learn anything. You just need to have the guts to play the game," DieHardBirdie said. In an earlier ONE Esports interview, he said, "For the older players like me, keep on training your skills and don't be afraid to fail for so many times. Senior players may not have the quickest reaction time to the games but we can always try to improve our skills by working hard and training hard. It will develop as time goes by. Patience, patience, and patience – it's what we all need." Fans often hear DieHardBirdie encourage people on his streams to be patient, to keep on practicing, to work hard, and to have the guts to play.

OGLife, the first incubated project within the ecosystem, is focusing on serving all gamers and in a special way those from the military, emergency response, and medical care and from communities like senior gamers. OGLife's mission is in sync with DieHardBirdie's advocacy of promoting gaming among senior players and his stand against ageism and sexism in the esports community.

"We wanted to create a gaming community that focuses on health and wellness. We welcome gamers from all ages and all walks of life. At OGLife, we want to be inclusive and to help deliver a healthy and rewarding way of life as we play to thrive," Brandon added.

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