Former OEL/BL writer Tina Anderson returns with an English-language light novel series

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The Femitokon Series
The Femitokon Series
PHILADELPHIA - Nov. 4, 2021 - PRLog -- During the OEL manga boom in the mid-2000s, Tina Anderson wrote gay comics and GloBL titles for Class Comics, Iris Print, Yaoi Press, and DramaQueen. When the boom went bust in 2012, she stepped away from penning comics and began world-building a science fiction series called Femitokon.

Femitokon is about the dynastic struggles of an operative named Sofita Kul. Inside Kul's body is a phasic armor called the Femitokon Shell that enables her near invincibility and affords her a wide array of defenses. Problems arise for the Sorority of Defense agent when the Shell begins communicating in the voice of its previous host, Kul's dead twin, Fusada Kul.

Serial installments began in 2017 at Patreon before Anderson moved the series to Gumroad, with collected first drafts posted at Femitokon.Online. Anderson released the first three episodes as an English-language light novel called Suffocation, in December 2020. The second volume, another OELN titled Tactical Pursuits, made its digital debut in August 2021. Additional collections are slated for release in late 2022, with artist Daniel Hurtado remaining as key illustrator.

The Femitokon eBooks are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Rakuten Kobo, with PDF editions exclusive to Gumroad.

The Femitokon Series wiki remains open at


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