Rising Attention on Trauma Recovery Highlighted by Slew of New Products Designed for Mental Health Support

Guided Journals, Workbooks and Interactive Manuals Promise Recovery Support for Complex Trauma, Stress and Anxiety
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@gabiruth via Instagram
@gabiruth via Instagram
SPOKANE, Wash. - Sept. 24, 2021 - PRLog -- An Amazon search for "mental health support" returns diverse new products ranging from addiction recovery guides to trauma-informed yoga manuals. Pushed to the background are the traditional tomes of clinical research and medical texts.

As social media has enabled us to connect through shared experiences, a resurgence of mental health awareness has seen niche concepts previously relegated to medical and sociological sidelines hit the mainstream. Racism, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse and serial sexual abuse cases have highlighted the prevalence of resulting mental and emotional challenges.

Once fringe concepts, newly-in-vogue terms like complex PTSD, gaslighting, collective trauma, narcissist abuse and somatic therapy are scattered across the covers of day planners, calendars, inspiration decks, adult coloring books and step-by-step guides. Some products are more subtle, offering daily encouragement or gratitude reminders.

One such item, The Soul Care Journal, provides 50 journal prompts to "engage your mind and heal your heart." Curated by Gabi Kelley (@gabiruth on Instagram and gabiruth.com), the journal presents as a daily dose of feel-good, with warm pastel colors and the invitation to "grab a pen and a latte, cuddle up under your favorite throw blanket, and let out a deep breath. Just let the words flow."

The product description goes deeper, though: "Trauma—from acute minor incidents in the distant past, to devastating complex trauma and societal injury—creates a subconscious mindset designed to keep you 'safe,' but trapped." The guided solution is simple: "Practiced grounding thoughts will help you identify your true emotions while recognizing the activities and scenarios that bring you real joy."

The book invites a daily short reflection, prompted by questions or concepts typeset over vibrant photo backgrounds, with space to record your thoughts directly in the book. Positive thinking is the main theme, such as day three's task: "Describe something that is going right in your life right now." Others are more intimate, like day eleven asking, "Where does it hurt, sweetheart?"

As medical professionals have cited the rise in mental health concerns over the past eighteen months, therapists report a surge of new patients, in some cases booking their calendars a year out. While not claiming to help users self-diagnose or treat any mental health condition, products like The Soul Care Journal have taken their place in a world seeking at-home solutions.

The Soul Care Journal: 50 Daily Writing Prompts to Engage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart (ISBN 978-1-953625-12-0, paperback, $16.99) from Kelley Creative is available at major online retailers and from gabiruth.com.


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