Shuffle-In Scratchers can refresh any kind of card game, says Scratch BANGPoker! game designer MaxBruce

Although my niche is legacy party games, in the future creative designers of other types of card games will probably be incorporating Shuffle-In Scratchers in their card games and that's a good thing, says Max.
By: The ScratchDeck Playing Cards Company
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Scratch BANGPoker!
Scratch BANGPoker!
CHICAGO - Sept. 15, 2021 - PRLog -- After a recent Protospiel Chicago event, amateur game designer MaxBruce in a self interview shared some thoughts about the future of card gaming.

"Although the song was written by Bernard Ighner, in George Benson's song, he says, 'Everything must change, nothing stays the same.' and my take away from last week's Protospiel Chicago is that the Shuffle-In Scratcher concept I pioneered can refresh other playing card games as well."

"It was interesting because some games I played while I was there were pretty creative and easy to learn, while some were very complex, as I'm sure the designer intended, but I kept thinking they should shuffle in some scratchers to spice it up. I think I'm probably a little biased towards shuffle-in scratchers, huh. Bias aside, I really believe they will add spice to any card game and although scratchoffs are already being used in board games, they are not Shuffle-In Scratchers.

"If you go to Google Patents and search 'poker' as an example, you will see that a variety of patents have been granted for various poker innovations. My niche is Shuffle-In Scratchers to transform legacy card games into party games but some other designer may very well use the concept for a different niche, it's all good."

"Right now I only care about forging partnerships with forward thinking social media influencers who understand the dynamics of crowdfunding well. Scratch BANGPoker! is my first party game incorporating Shuffle-In Scratchers but I've also recently finished a beta version of ScratchJack! and testing will begin soon."

"My goal is to partner with the heavy hitters in social media. The game is ready and it's highly marketable. I'm only interested in partnering with those who "get the opportunity" and I'm not interested at all in partnering with those who think they're doing me a favor. Please."

Everything must change, nothing stays the same.

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