Artist Ramona Pintea Collaborates With Celebrities, Visionaries And Leaders To Raise Money And Support Charities For Women And Girls Around The World

By: Ramona Pintea Art
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Ramona Wearyourcrown B
Ramona Wearyourcrown B
NEW YORK - Sept. 8, 2021 - PRLog -- International Artist Ramona Pintea is proud to announce the #wearyourcrown♥ global campaign, an art-powered fundraising and awareness campaign with the mission of empowering and uplifting women and girls around the world.

Ramona Pintea is excited to share her vision and progress for the #wearyourcrown♥ global campaign.  Ramona said, "One of my absolute favourite things about this movement has been connecting with celebrities, visionaries and also everyday women, hearing their stories and seeing how they are embracing and wearing their crowns. Individually, we are all strong women, but I believe that together, we can amplify each other's voices and make an even bigger impact. So, this campaign and these collaborations with women of influence will harness our collective strengths and positivity to promote causes, highlighting the amazing work that is being done all around the world – by women, for women."

The #wearyourcrown♥ Global Campaign is represented on each continent by -celebrities and visionaries who inspire women. Ramona Pintea will paint - them as an Urban Queen and the painting will be raffled or auctioned to raise funding and awareness for the woman and girl focused charity of their choice.  All fundraising will be through an online platform under the #wearyourcrown♥ campaign and everyone will be invited to participate by donating and sharing their own photos and stories to support the charity.

The campaign's first three visionaries are:
  • From Australia, Casey Donovan, an award-winning double and triple platinum musician, has also made her mark in the areas of theatre, television, presenting and writing her autobiography. The list of accolades is impressive and Casey has won numerous awards as well as the hearts of her fans with her creativity, soulful voice and incredible personality. Casey has joined this campaign and is supporting the non for profit  Ash Gardner Foundation which helps indigenous girls gain access to better education.
  • From South America, Natalia Martin, a powerhouse entrepreneur and founder of Natalia Beauty Group in Brazil, has built her business from the ground up and has100 affiliates spread throughout world – Brazil, Dubai, Switzerland, Chile, Portugal, Italy, USA. Natalia's life purpose is to make a difference in people's lives and make the world a more beautiful place, where all kinds of beauty are respected. She has joined this campaign and is raising money for Casa da Mulher Brasileira, a charity that helps victims of domestic violence and abuse.
  • From South Africa, the multi-talented Jayshree Mallaya, co-founder of the non for profit Over the Walls Together, a charity aimed at community building and raising awareness of violence against women and children. Jayshree has written an incredible song "Join Hands Around the World" as a call to action, S.H.E,  to Support, Inspire, Empower men and women to come together and eliminate injustices between genders. Her charity encourages people around the world to band together to end this violence not only in South Africa but all over the world.

Ramona is seeking additional visionaries to join her and the global campaign to help raise money for women and girls charities. Ramona says, "I myself for the past 11 years have supported and raised money for Asociatia de Servicii Sociale (SCUT) an organization supporting teenaged moms that come from a difficult background. I will continue my efforts to raise money for this charity alongside these amazing women raising money for their charities and together we are making a difference with this campaign. The #wearyourcrown♥ movement is truly going global, because as women, collectively we are part of one global community. The language of women empowerment is universal, no matter where you live or what your challenge or mission is. Imagine what would happen if we all stood in unity, contributing our individual strengths and talents to build an even bigger movement, to empower even more women!"

For more information or how to join and support this campaign

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