Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer Announces New Parole Legislation

The Less is More Act Passed Now Will Force Less People Back to Prison.
By: law offices of michael discioarro
QUEENS, N.Y. - Aug. 27, 2021 - PRLog -- "The 'Less is More Act' that we helped draft, focuses on parole violations and the length of parole," Singletary explained. "Right now, people are given a list of conditions they have to meet: Curfew, no alcohol or drugs, etc. If people break any of those rules, even though they are not crimes, they can be returned to prison immediately."

According to Singletary, "Less is More" uses positive reinforcement instead of prison to punctuate its point.

"Instead of having punishment-based system, we have an incentive-based system," explained Singletary. "We use earned time credits. For every thirty days a person goes without violating their parole, they earn thirty days off their parole supervision period."

Repeat offenders would be returned to prison, but only for thirty days.

This is a very important change. Mr. Discioarro said. It can help thousands of people who face these technical violations and are sent back to jail. This can disrupt the lives of their families and cause them to lose a job. The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC handles parole cases in the entire state of New York. They can be reached at 917-519-8417.





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