Will rising inflation make President Biden a one term president?

Progressive Governors in New York and California have had trouble and could be replaced by more conservative governors. The Republicans could take the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024
By: Dr. Steve Johnston author.com
BROOKINGS, Ore. - Aug. 17, 2021 - PRLog -- With rising inflation, increased crime in Democrat controlled cities, the fall of Afghanistan, the oversell of Critical Race Theory and continuing Covid lockdowns, the Democrats appear to be in disarray. President Biden can not seem to find the door to the White House without help from secret service.  He appears destined to be a one term President.

Governor Newsome of California appears to be losing in his recall to conservative talk show host Larry Elder. Governor Cuomo of New York resigned.  Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York will apparently be replaced by a law and order ex-policeman. Many believe Republicans will take the house in 2022. Republicans could take the White House in 2024. Political momentum appears to be changing.

In 1875 after the completion of the Civil War, M2 money supply increased 20% and the CPI inflation reached 21%.  In 1923 M2 money supply increased by 17%  and CPI increased 22%. At the conclusion of WWII,  in 1947, M2 increased 20% and CPI increased 24.9%.  During the Vietnam War and the War on poverty, M2 increased 13.4% and inflation peaked out in 1980 at 14.8%.  In 2011 after QE, M2 increased 9.62% and inflation was 11%, (using Shadowstats 1980 based CPI).  During the War on Covid, M2 increased 24.9% in 2020.  Inflation in 2022 is projected to reach 26%, (using Shadowstats 1980 based CPI).

Political momentum appears to have changed against the Democrats.

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