Duke Defense Expands Operations Beyond Byrna

LAS VEGAS - July 28, 2021 - PRLog -- Duke Defense, the largest and fastest growing .68 caliber less lethal pepper projectile manufacturer in the world, announces a restructuring that will see expanded capabilities focusing on direct to distributor, dealer and consumer sales.  This restructuring means that Duke Defense will no longer be selling to Byrna Technologies or its subsidiaries.  These changes are slated to take place immediately.

Duke Defense releases their newly designed universal .68 caliber rounds directly to law enforcement, paintball, and home defense consumers.  The new Hazard Pepper projectile is the premiere pepper round in the world with improved casing, welding, and ingredients.  Reilly Schueler, President of Duke Defense USA, said "With the refinement of our manufacturing process we have increased our output capabilities to supply the world market in less lethal ammunition."

Duke Defense is proud to announce its availability to the non-lethal ammunition market.  The recently launched company, DUKE DEFENSE – is offering their products online and can be found with affiliated partners such as Amazon and other retailers set to carry their products. Duke Defense is debuting the new and improved designed ammunition that includes all universal .68 caliber Hazard rounds, Inert rounds, and Impact rounds. The company is now selling directly to law enforcement, first responders, professionals, home defense, and recreational shooters utilizing non-lethal rounds for their .68 caliber launchers and guns.  Already used with many of the most trusted brands of non-lethal launchers including Byrna, Tippman, Pepperball and First Strike, our Duke Hazard Projectiles, Duke Inert Projectiles and Duke Impact Projectiles lead the way in innovative non-lethal solutions.

The new Hazard Pepper projectile is the premiere pepper round in the world.  The complete line was improved, including the inert and solid training rounds.  Schueler says " Our goal is to ensure every American can feel safe and secure by using our universal rounds in your current .68 caliber paintball or home defense guns and launchers. "

Duke Defense USA is witnessing extreme demand for the universal rounds and is currently supplying law enforcement agencies from all over the world. As Dukes presence continues to grow, they expect to be the world's #1 trusted brand for non-lethal ammunition.

Visit www.dukedefense.com to order online and sign up for the latest news in the non-lethal marketplace. Keep watch for breaking news about Dukes self-defense weapons that are coming to the market soon! The new operations and distribution facility in Las Vegas, NV will make ordering, shipping, and customization for distributors and dealers a streamlined and efficient process.  You can also follow Duke Defense USA on Facebook and Instagram at @dukedefense. For questions, please email us at sales@dukedenfense.com.

Duke Defense USA Inc
Reilly Schueler, President

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