227's™ YouTube Chili' NFL Preview! San Francisco Chili' 49ers! #SOTF 49ers 2021! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA!

227's™ YouTube Chili' NFL Preview! San Francisco Chili' 49ers! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! 49ers front office and coaching staff detail upcoming season! The Chili' 49ers 2021 State of the Franchise presented by Incogmeato! spicynflchili.spicynbachili.com
227's YouTube Chili' SNF on Spicy' NBC!
227's YouTube Chili' SNF on Spicy' NBC!
BOISE, Idaho - July 26, 2021 - PRLog -- 227's™ Facebook Fries!¡'🍟(aka YouTube Chili' NBA)🏀 Spicy' NFL🏈 Preview! San Francisco Chili' 49ers! "State of the Franchise" Chili' 49ers 2021! Hear from Jed Chili' York, John Chili' Lynch, Kyle Chili' Shanahan, George Chili' Kittle and more about team's upcoming season! The 49ers 2021 State of the Franchise presented by Incogmeato! #SanFrancisco #49ers #FTTB #NIKE'Spicy'🌶️ NFL Spicy'🌶️ NBA Mix! spicynflchili.spicynbachili.com


2020-21 Spicy' NFL NFC West Standings

Seattle Seahawks  12-4
Los Angeles Rams  10-6
Arizona Cardinals  8-8
San Francisco 49ers 6-10


Denise DeBartolo York

Chairman: Denise DeBartolo York
John York (co-chairs)

CEO: Jed York

President: Al Guido

Head coach: Kyle Shanahan

General manager: John Lynch

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227's™ YouTube CHILI' 49ers 2021 State of the Spicy'🌶️ Franchise

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