Takeaway Lessons for Event Promoters after the Global Pandemic with Ismail Sirdah

Event promoters have seen their livelihoods and their standards of doing business utterly and quite possibly permanently transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some business events professionals suggest that 2021 may be a reasonable target, though Lulu Promotions founder and owner Ismail Sirdah cautions that events can be affected by a new variant of COVID-19 by the end of the year.
By: Ismail Sirdah Marketing & Events
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Cvs Covid 19 Vaccine
Cvs Covid 19 Vaccine
DULUTH, Ga. - June 25, 2021 - PRLog -- Some of the core concepts and tenets of event promotion will continue to be hugely important in the future. However, Ismail Sirdah says it will be those promoters who can best adapt to whatever our new normal becomes and structure their events accordingly that will flourish, while those who try to cling to the old ways of doing things may struggle to remain relevant.


The global pandemic has created several new concerns that event planners such as Ismail Sirdah will need to pay greater attention to going forward. Safety issues are obviously paramount, which will require planners to design event spaces that will have good traffic flow and keep attendees from bunching up while still allowing for opportunities to socialize and share information.


Ismail Sirdah says that event promoters are also paying a lot more attention to the details of their cancelation policies given the greater uncertainty surrounding the status of future events. Even once such events are given the green light, they are all but a local coronavirus flare up away from possibly being canceled just like that. Similarly, prospective attendees will be at greater risk of dropping out of the event should they get the virus themselves or been exposed to it.

Ismail Sirdah adds that marketing efforts for future events will also undergo substantial changes and that those who strike the right tone with their branding will be rewarded with more eager attendees.


Promotional material or advertisements will likewise need to find a sweet spot wherein they provide just enough safety information to put attendees' minds at ease while keeping the focus on the event itself.


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