Rebel Medicine Solves Weight Loss For Moms With Biologically Appropriate Plan, The Diet Killer

The Diet Killer is a permanent fat loss plan that helps moms flip back their metabolic "mom switch'' to lose their pregnancy weight and get their body back.
Anna Paulich, RHNP and Dr. Maleen Avery
Anna Paulich, RHNP and Dr. Maleen Avery
WINNIPEG, Manitoba - June 15, 2021 - PRLog -- Dr. Maleen Avery & Anna Paulich, RHNP release their sustainable weight loss program for moms, The Diet Killer. Though the company is based in Winnipeg, their online program will predominantly serve moms in the U.K., U.S.A., and Australia.

The Diet Killer uses biologically appropriate nutrition and neuro-nutrition to address the unique needs of a woman's body post-pregnancy.

After childbirth, some women's metabolic switches become stuck. The Diet Killer helps her turn off the physiological switch that's got her body stuck in "nurturing biology" so she can get back into "attracting biology" and reclaim her pre-pregnancy metabolism.

"A combined 100 lbs ago, Anna and I were at the end of our ropes trying to figure out how to shed the weight.  As an overweight physician and nutritionist, we tried all the doctor-recommended weight loss methods and diet industry solutions out there but nothing worked. That is until we figured out "The Switch" which has been ignored by the weight loss world and the medical industry", said Dr. Maleen Avery, MD weight loss physician, co-founder of Rebel Medicine, and co-creator of The Diet Killer.

When Anna and Maleen discovered the truth about how weight loss works they were enraged as they realized that much of what they learned in their training as medical professionals was not only wrong but dangerous.

"I was frustrated with the subpar advice from doctors, dietitians, and personal trainers that essentially made me feel like a failure. I partnered with Maleen to create our program so that moms know they can get fit and feel sexy again even after popping out a bunch of kids and can have a safe, effective, and proven system to do it.", said Anna Paulich, RHNP, co-founder of Rebel Medicine, and co-creator of The Diet Killer.

"It's extremely rare that medical "insiders" like Anna and I blow the whistle on stuff like this, but we can't take it anymore. Many of my doctor and professional colleagues told me to just "accept reality", accept that things don't "work" like they used to and get over it," said Maleen.

Through The Diet Killer, Anna and Maleen are on a mission to disrupt the weight loss industry by taking what they learned solving their own painful postpartum weight loss struggles and use it to address the weight loss needs of moms and caregivers.


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