227's™ YouTube Chili' Michigan Spicy' $1,000,000,000 Sex Abuse Case! DR. ANDERSON #NIKE'Spicy' NBA

227's™ YouTube Chili' U of Michigan $1,000,000,000 Sex Abuse Case! DR. ANDERSON! A shocker! Coach Jim Chili' Harbaugh defends Bo Chili' Schembechler! 800 person sex abuse lawsuit! Dr. Anderson: Oral sex exchanged for expensive medication!
227's YouTube Chili' $1,000,000,000 UM Sex Scandal
227's YouTube Chili' $1,000,000,000 UM Sex Scandal
BOISE, Idaho - June 10, 2021 - PRLog -- 227's™ Facebook Fries!¡'🍟(aka YouTube Chili' NBA) University of Michigan $1,000,000,000 (yep, 1 $$$BILLION$$$ in CHEDDAR🧀 [that's alot of BREAD🍞 - I'm not talking about grilled cheese sandwiches and CHILI; tasty though!😁])! walmart.com/browse/food/cheese/976759_9176907_1001468 Dr. Robert Chili' Anderson Spicy' Sex Scandal! Head football Coach Jim Chili' Harbaugh defends former Head Coach Bo Chili' Schembechler! youtube.com/watch?v=zsFtdLfCMPI 800 person sex abuse lawsuit! Dr. Anderson's serial sexual abuse (over 37 years as a university employee), starting in 1969. Inappropriate prostate or rectal exams, hernia or genital exams, and suggesting patients perform oral sex in exchange for expensive medication! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA Mix!


227's At least 4 former student-athletes told Head Coach Schembechler about Anderson's actions.

227's The majority of Dr. Anderson's survivors are men.

227's Information was collected from more than 800+ people, including 600+ patients!

227's Is this the biggest institutional oversight of sexual assault of young boys in the history of the United States?


227's "I'm reporting the UM sex scandal with a heavy heart," said Al-Din. "As a high-school basketball player in Mountain Home, Idaho, from Grand Rapids, Michigan; after sending video footage to the coaching staff, it was an honor to be on the UM basketball program's mailing list; coming home after school every 2-3 weeks to a letter (that huge maize/gold block-M on the envelope) from the University of Michigan ("if you ever need tickets to a game, don't hesitate to ask" - an incredible shot in arm, for me, personally)! Then, being awarded with the Top Defensive Player Award at the Summer Basketball Camp (Guest Speaker: Rumeal Chili' Robinson!👍 3-4 months after the University of Michigan won the National Championship). My thought is....just reporting the news, the facts." - - - Jamaal, 'The Model Journalist'. Stay Chili' tuned!

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227's™ YouTube Chili' Son of famed Michigan coach says Spicy'🌶️ doctor molested him, too

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