Unexpected win for abstract artist

By: Bridget B. Artist
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Award Ribbon Lst Animals Exhibition
Award Ribbon Lst Animals Exhibition
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. & SYDNEY - June 9, 2021 - PRLog -- Bridget Bradley emerging artist, started painting as a child. Although surrounded by creatives in the past as specialist in Make-up Artistry and later a high fashion Model, Bridget took up a brush and palette knife to paint.

Initially, she dabbled in sketching and painting, practicing blending colours and using various artist tools. At that stage Bridget had not identified her style. As time went on and with the entry of the pandemic, Bridget used her spare time to find and develop her own style of painting with no intention to become a professional artist. According to the artist, her style is a form of abstract expressionism. "I wouldn't say I am influenced by any one artist, but I do admire the work of Jackson Pollock," says Bridget.

Bridget's first contemporary paintings were less loose, more structured than those she is creating now but always vibrant with thick impasto layers of paint. She paints intuitively, no pre-planned drawings, just feelings, concepts, memories of experiences, of things she has seen. These are random and literally unfold as she expresses in colours and movement on the canvas. Bridget has a way with colours that grabs the viewer's attention, provoking the senses and elevating light perception.

Recently, Bridget had entered her first international art contest. The subject was Animals and Bridget was a little hesitant; perhaps her painting would not be considered. The contest received 895 global entries. However, she was surprised when she was selected for the Light Space & Time 11th Annual Animals Exhibition and was awarded with Special Recognition for Excellence in Art.

The award-winning painting, Medusozoa was from a small art series that Bridget created, the Deep Sea Neon Series, which includes two more paintings, Medusozoa II and The Light Show. Medusozoa are the deep sea jellyfish, and the abstract serves to express their delicate, translucent and shapeshifting grace in the deep oceans. She has highlighted them in neon colours over a dark background to convey their presence in the depths. Bridget hopes that this painting will remind people that our oceans need to be protected since they harbour special species such as these.

The painting is currently being exhibited online for the month of June only. You can view the exhibition at the 11th Annual Animals Online Art Exhibition on YouTube. Medusozoa is amongst the Special Recognition Painting category. Bridget's Medusozoa abstract painting is available for purchase at her website, Bridget B Artist. With this early success, Bridget has been inspired to create a body of work which she has almost completed. You are invited to watch her progress by joining her new art blog and following her at her artist profile on instagram @bridgetbartist. If you are interested in Bridget's abstract art, please use the contact below.


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