Emerging visual artist paints intuitively to create vibrant contemporary abstract art

Artist launches new art website to offer her abstract fine art to art lovers, art collectors and interior designers.
By: Bridget B. Artist
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Medusozoa Ii By Bridget Bradley Artist
Medusozoa Ii By Bridget Bradley Artist
BRISBANE, Australia - June 7, 2021 - PRLog -- New original abstract paintings are now available online from Bridget Bradley, visual artist at her newly launched website, Bridget B. Artist. Bridget is a self-taught artist creating vibrant, eye-catching abstract expressionism style paintings for all to enjoy.

Bridget paints for those who appreciate an ambient environment, of beauty, colour and balance in their apartments, homes or other spaces. She wants her art to transform individuals and their spaces, to make connections, inspire profound thought and to facilitate conversation between family and friends.

Always an artist at heart, creatively drawing and painting since childhood, she began exploring painting more seriously in recent years and with the encouragement from friends and family, she continues to create art.

Bridget paints intuitively and spontaneously, connecting to her deepest feelings, special memories, and experiences. There is no doubt that Bridget's paintings are from the heart, drawing the eye of the perceiver into the core of their expression to evoke positive emotions.

"There is no one genre or technique that I adhere to, although I lean toward a contemporary abstract expressionism," says Bridget. She prefers an impasto style, energetically executed with thick layers of brightly coloured paint, developing movement and textures that catch the light to bring the paintings alive. Amygdala is one abstract such from the Brain Series.

Bridget currently paints small to medium size paintings such as this contemporary art, Sea of Blue as as it is often easier for people to shift the paintings around their apartments and homes.

The New Zealand born artist, on the importance of art in people's lives states, "The world would be a pretty boring place without art."

Bridget Bradley has already been awarded for Excellence in Art and she is one visual artist to follow going into the future. Her new abstract art is for art lovers everywhere, for those who appreciate art for art's sake. The shipping destinations for Bridget's original art include Australia and other select global regions such as the USA  e.g. California, New York. If you are from a country not listed in the shipping information on the website and wish to buy Bridget's artwork, please feel free to contact the artist directly for enquiries or a quote, using the Contact page on the website or the email below.

Bridget's paintings, fine art giclée prints and exclusive jewellery collection are available to buy online at Bridget B. Artist

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