Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Puts Warp Drive Tech Up For Sale - American Buyers ONLY

After years of experimenting, technical, and commercial development, international noted R&D engineer and inventor, Marshall Barnes puts his STDTS proto-warp drive technology on the market.
GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - May 9, 2021 - PRLog -- Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, inventor of the first functioning prototype for warp drive, STDTS™, is putting it up for sale after holding on to it for nearly 2 decades after the science behind it was originally discovered and tested for a year in 2000. That science isn't Einstein's general theory of relativity, the theory other researchers or scientists use without any real progress. Marshall's been working with Einstein's unfinished unified field theory, which other experts have agreed was still "engineerable".

"Look, I don't care who it is," Marshall says. "Harold White, Natario, or these Applied Physics guys, unless you've got a box doing something, you're not in the game. Talking mathematics doesn't count. You can't race for pink slips without having the wheels".

Applied Physics, the most recent group claiming a "warp drive" solution, has no technology to speak of, just new speculations and calculations, some of which Marshall had already published in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings, like the 100 Year Starship Symposium and International Aeronautics Federation Congress. In particular, the idea any warp drive powered vessel would require a standard method of propulsion as well, was Marshall's idea, now used by Applied Physics.

Marshall's first experiments involved cars traveling faster than what the car was being given the gas for. Later, he accelerated small objects such as a model jeep, several pendulums and objects for gravity drops.

The significance of STDTS™ technology is that while it is limited to an acceleration of about 10% to 15%, on Earth - the projection is that if it is pulsed in space, repeatedly, it will cause a spacecraft to continue its increase in velocity because the acceleration it provides is the result of contracting space as it moves through it which is the "warp" effect it creates. It would provide a dramatic capability for space firms like SpaceX

What Marshall is dwarfing Applied Physics further with is his complete business plan for commercial exploitation, making it easier for the buyer, leading to quickest level of commercialization. After the sale, Marshall would stay on for a year, assisting the buyer in its commercial development for which plans already exist.

One hitch is Marshall cannot sell STDTS™ technology to any foreigner buyers. So while China is not a possible customer, nor Russia, N. Korea, or Iran, all countries Marshall, let alone the United States, is hostile to and has developed weapons against, not even allies like NATO members, qualify as buyers, which rules out Virgin Galactic.

Jake Shisler
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