Lessons for Event Promoters by Businessman Ismail Sirdah

Event promoters have seen their livelihoods and their standards of doing business utterly and quite possibly permanently transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, stimulus checks and tax refund season have been great to recover the event industry.
By: Ismail Sirdah Marketing and Event Promotion
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Ismail Sirdah Research Stimulus Check
Ismail Sirdah Research Stimulus Check
DULUTH, Ga. & GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - April 22, 2021 - PRLog -- Ismail Sirdah recommends that event promoters take this opportunity to reinvent themselves and upgrade their digital event skills, which he believes will increasingly separate the outstanding events promoters from the merely great ones.

Tax season is the best for promoting and applying the correct Marketing strategies for event promotion. Tax refunds and stimulus checks are still around, so now people is willing to spend their money going to their favorite concert or event.


The global pandemic has created several new concerns that event planners will need to pay greater attention to going forward.

As with retailers and other public-facing businesses, event promoters will likewise have to protect themselves from potential liability claims that could seek damages in compensation for coronavirus exposure.

Businessman Ismail Sirdah says that one option could be to have attendees sign waivers that absolve the event or its organizers from damages.


Ismail Sirdah and event promoters are also paying a lot more attention to the details of their cancelation policies given the greater uncertainty surrounding the status of future events. Even once such events are given the green light, they are all but a local coronavirus flare up away from possibly being canceled just like that. Similarly, prospective attendees will be at greater risk of dropping out of the event should they get the virus themselves or been exposed to it.

Ismail Sirdah adds that marketing efforts for future events will also undergo substantial changes and that those who strike the right tone with their branding will be rewarded with more eager attendees with the stimulus checks and tax refunds coming up, taking the appropiate Marketing strategies will be a total success for upcoming concerts and events.


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