Social Activist and Sustainability Professional Assumes Key Role as Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

PHOENIX - March 31, 2021 - PRLog -- Stacy Wilde, Co-Founder of the national non-profit, So I Vote, and a long-time sustainability consultant has been appointed Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at New Use Energy (NUE).

Wilde draws on her years of experience developing sustainable living programs for Habitat for Humanity and municipalities, co-founding the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Green Roundtable, and her training as a certified sustainable building advisor as she collaborates with municipalities, NGO's, and other organizations to identify ways for the NUE team to integrate socially responsible ways of achieving their mission.

"We're very fortunate to have Stacy join our executive team and also come on board as an investor," said Paul Shmotolokha, NUE's CEO. "The CSR role is a broad one in our company and helps guide our business decisions. It is not a compliance role. Stacy's infectious can-do attitude and dedication to making a difference, will help to ensure that NUE is at the forefront of the portable clean energy revolution. Stacy will also lead our corporate communications, community engagement and help us stay focused on meeting our combined business and social impact goals."

"It's my job to guide NUE so that it's operating in ways that are good for our society as well as for the environment," said Wilde. "NUE's strategic partnership with Footprint Project sealed the deal from both an investment perspective and an integral way of pursuing my passion with the right team of experts. When the Footprint Project called on NUE so they could help Texans stranded without power during the record-breaking cold snap in February, NUE helped them make a difference for hundreds of people in a way that also had a minimal environmental impact."

"Aside from the obvious environmental and logistical advantages, the effects on people of using our simple yet powerful portable solar generators over gasoline-powered generators cannot be more profound," she added. "What excites me most is that NUE is addressing markets that the solar industry could not or would not address in the past, mostly due to high costs. We are truly making affordable, portable – and clean - energy accessible when and where it is needed."

NUE engineers and manufactures affordable solar+battery systems which replace traditional fossil fuel alternatives such as portable generators. NUE's business model has two key aspects: 1) Integrated energy systems, such as its SunKit™ product line, and 2) New and repurposed lithium battery packs and other energy system components. NUE emphasizes mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize the usable life of our products. Advantages of NUE's products include SPEED of deployment, SIMPLICITY of the technology and SUSTAINABILITY of the solution. NUE's customers include remote communities unserved or underserved by utilities, communities impacted by natural disasters and businesses or individuals seeking a clean, quiet and secure source of remote or emergency power. NUE has a strategic relationship with whose mission is to help communities affected by disasters build back greener by powering relief and recovery operations using solar energy.

Nate Heegaard
VP of Marketing

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