1AS To Release A Targeted Social Media That Makes Major Strides Towards Diminishing National Discord

The 1AS system was explicitly designed to meet the challenges of improving a flawed democracy that has resulted in negative consequences. The goal is to stop the nonsense without the use of violent protest but rather with the power of technology
By: One America Strong, LLC
Use Your Power
Use Your Power
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - March 30, 2021 - PRLog -- One America Strong, announced today the unprecedented launch of their 1AS Targeted Social Media on May 18, 2021. The company developed the multifaceted platform to improve America's democracy, minimize racial animus and to find solutions to corporate injustice. The project comprises three very different and independent social media platforms that provide users with a fresh comprehensive social media experience while uplifting democracy. The ultimate goal is to engage citizens and organizations, regardless of race, creed, religion or political affiliation to come together on one central network to compel change.

The 1AS social media was developed for the millions of Americans who have had their fill of senseless acts of violence such as the Atlanta spa shootings, Boulder grocery store massacre, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders by police, Parkland High, Sandy Hook and the thousands more that have occurred in the nation all seemingly without witnessing any signs of significant change. The most disheartening aspect of it all is that the sadness continues, in part, due to an ineffective democracy that still continues to support unproductive elected officials.

The 1AS social media platform "Do-Yoo," can significantly improve the functionality of the American voting process by encouraging voters to select candidates based upon the voter's own personal positions on the issues rather than selecting candidates based on the influence of family members, friends, neighbors, or political organizations. The platform furnishes users with an all-inclusive method to compare and contrast candidates that are seeking public office. The 1AS  proprietary software "Selectzum" will analyze the pre-election promises along with post-election performance of current office holders.

The "Do-Yoo," platform (https://do-yoo.biz/) provides several other interactive tools that will engage users to no longer sit on the sidelines but rather become more involved in America's democracy in a very assertive apolitical effort to banish public officials who care more about their positions than the people they serve.

One America Strong was established in August of 2016 to challenge racial inequity however, the organization discovered that their platform could do more. In today's times of various citizen movements concerning afflictions caused by wrongdoers, many Americans often hit the streets in protest. Sadly they frequently return home without amassing any positive results. The addition of greater scrutiny of elected officials through "Do-Yoo" before the voting process along with input from other organizations may be the only pathway to change.

An unfinished version of 1AS:  https://www.1americastrong.org/

One America Strong, LLC


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