Ver-Tex Construction and Nonprofit Slipstream to Partner with DOE for Sustainability Testing

The company plays a major role in testing breakthrough energy-saving technologies for commercial buildings across the US.
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Automated Shades
Automated Shades
BOSTON - March 23, 2021 - PRLog -- Boston-based Ver-Tex Construction has been selected to partner with the US Department of Energy and Slipstream, a nonprofit organization committed to accelerating climate solutions and advancing clean energy, to carry out and analyze two field tests of cutting-edge automated shading systems with integrated lighting and HVAC controls in commercial buildings.

The 24-month project will culminate in comprehensive real-world reporting on the systems' capability to facilitate energy grid flexibility as it pertains to load-shedding and load-shifting during peak energy demand times.

Leveraging the support of the US Department of Energy and other industry partners, the Ver-Tex team will install or retrofit two test buildings with integrated systems: connected lighting & automated shades; and connected lighting, automated shades and intelligent energy storage. These systems aim to reduce overall energy costs and improve facility-wide energy efficiency through integrated and automated controls. The resulting analysis will be used to help utility companies implement programs across the US that will provide incentives for the adoption of energy-saving solutions.

"The Ver-Tex team is excited for the opportunity to partner with the US DOE and Slipstream in testing these next-generation energy-saving solutions," said Ver-Tex CEO Brianna Goodwin. "The ability to gather accurate scientific data allows us to measure the impact of new technologies on global climate change and highlight the impact that automated window treatment products can have on the overall energy performance of buildings throughout the country."

The project will commence in 2021 and continue through 2023. The data gathered through the demonstration will provide new insights about how to maximize energy savings, reduce energy consumption and minimize fossil-fuel reliance long-term.

The project team is currently considering applications for test sites. Participation in this program offers outstanding benefits for the building's owner and occupants. The full scope of project details can be viewed on Ver-Tex's website at

About Ver-Tex

Founded in 1985, Ver-Tex is an industry leader for the design & installation of window treatments and construction specialties products. Offering breakthrough services, products and a technological approach to lighting energy solutions, Ver-Tex's window treatments and construction specialties are designed to help enhance occupant comfort while offsetting energy loads and reducing energy costs. Every member of the Ver-Tex team is dedicated to upholding superior quality standards and delivering the best customer experience each and every time.


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