Impact of COVID-19 Vaccines On Event Promotion by Businessman Ismail Sirdah

The world of live events and event promotion has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus. With future venues booked and costs already sunk sometimes years in advance of events, the economic cost to event promoters is likely to be in the tens of billions of dollars and could cause widespread and lasting damage to the industry.

Now that two approved COVID vaccines are being distributed across the United States, event promotion is about to turn a corner and approach a new normal.
By: Ismail Sirdah Marketing & Event Promotion
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Coronavirus Vaccine
Coronavirus Vaccine
DULUTH, Ga. - Feb. 13, 2021 - PRLog -- The global pandemic has been hard on the hospitality industry and event promoters but now that Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens are now offering COVID-19 vaccines, the future of events and promoters is beginning to look positively different, says Ismail Sirdah.

Traditionally, the greater Atlanta area has hosted some of the finest live music events in the Southeastern United States and will keep doing it as usual now that the COVID-19 vaccines have been publicly released.

The State of Live Music
In August 2020, NPR noted that live music "currently sits, like so many, on the brink of catastrophe."

Dedicated musicians and organizers work around the challenges using virtual tools to deliver music to the masses and squeeze in meager wages to stay in business. Others temporarily change careers to pay the bills and hope to return to their "calling" once the COVID-19 threat has passed.

But the big question remains, "Will concerts and live events ever be the same?" Economists and industry experts disagree. As vaccines trickle into local communities, the immediate future of live music remains to be seen, notes Ismail Sirdah.

Music and Social Media

That said, listeners depend greatly on musical artists to cope with the current crisis. Media streaming is up significantly, especially with the proliferation of 5G mobile data.

Many musicians have turned to social media, acting as influencers to bring joy to fans and monetize their talents, says Ismail Sirdah.

Ismail Sirdah on Supporting Artists and Live Music in 2021

As North America emerges from this pandemic, listeners are likely to flock to live concerts once again. The "pent up demand" is very high, even though media streaming has provided much-needed emotional relief for the greater population.

But struggling artists will need the support from fans more than ever. Event planners like Ismail Sirdah will need to think carefully about how to make concerts sustainable in 2021. So on his support to artist he is promoting Grupo Firme a Mexican band playing in Nash Farm, Hampton GA.


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