Body Cam Footage Reveals New Evidence In The Brittany Chrishawn Williams Case [case No. 16-2020-cf-004786-axxx-ma]

Brittany Chrishawn Williams, who was allegedly brutalized after police trespassed on her property, releases body cam footage that appears to expose the officers involved.
JSO police officers who broke Brittany's teeth
JSO police officers who broke Brittany's teeth
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 12, 2021 - PRLog -- Brittany Chrishawn (Williams), the award-winning police brutality filmmaker who was allegedly brutalized by police and left with broken teeth and damaged nerves, released the body camera footage; and her community is outraged.

"Ms. Williams is a college graduate, a property owner, and has no prior criminal history whatsoever. Based on the facts and evidence known to us at this time, Ms. Williams never committed any crime on May 13, 2020. After reviewing the videos from the officers' body-worn cameras, we do not understand why the State Attorney's Office filed criminal charges against Ms. Williams…" says Brittany's attorney Jeff Chuckwuma "...the actions and conduct of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on May 13, 2020 were unlawful, unjustified, and completely unacceptable. Law abiding citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights should not have to fear being harassed or harmed by the people who are supposed to protect them."

The body camera footage shows officer A. Carmona #64386 parked in Brittany's driveway. His supervisor, D.P. Jadlocki #63949, asks a few times why he parked in Brittany's private driveway, because there are many other open lots on that street including a gas station right across the street. The supervisor goes on to accuse Carmona of having a sexual relationship with Brittany and jokingly makes explicit comments about her.

The footage also shows officer C. Padgett #74181 slamming Brittany's face into the floor of her home after entering without a warrant; particles of Brittany's teeth appear to be on the floor after his attack. Padgett then slams Brittany's face again into the bars of his police car. But, he tells the supervisor that Brittany ran into the door of her home breaking her own teeth. In addition, Padgett claims he was kicked by Brittany; but his body cam catches an eye-witness across the street saying "She didn't kick you."

Eye-witness, Ausar Moore, says Carmona started yelling at Brittany after she went outside to ask if she could help him. "I heard him yelling at her from inside the house…" he explains to officer C. Padgett who replies "yeah, well he naturally has a loud voice." In the video footage, Brittany tells the police "I own this property, why can't he leave my yard? When I asked him please officer leave, he starts to yell at me. You think y'all have this kind of power? You have this authority?" Officer C. Padgett responds by telling her to be quiet. Then he and Tyler Landreville #68044 enters her home and physically attacks her.

Followers of this story believe the incident was deliberate and may be tied to the fact that Brittany Chrishawn, and her husband Ausar Moore, produced an award-winning film about police brutality called Illville.

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