JackieR Cyber Security Speaker Guest on Digital Riser

Jacqueline Robinson Discusses Digital Strategies and Cyber Security with Ajia Allen
ATLANTA - Feb. 8, 2021 - PRLog -- Jacqueline JackieR Robinson was invited as a expert on digital strategy and cyber security from the past to the now, 2021 to speak on The Digital Riser Series, hosted by Ajia Allen. Jacqueline discussed everything from how businesses survived the Y2K, to changes in digital and marketing strategies, to one of the most important subjects today, cyber attacks and security.

About Ajia Allen

Founder, Ajia Allen, noticed a trend among small business owners: they'd reach a point where they wanted to expand, but were uncertain of how to do so. That single observation inspired a solution designed to bridge a knowledge and resources gap for new and existing businesses. A true entrepreneur at heart, Ajia is dedicated to helping small business reach new levels because she understands how much time and effort it takes to run a small business –  and just how much support is needed.

​About Jacqueline JackieR Robinson

JackieR motivates audiences to be smarter than their smartphone and mobile devices by providing technology solutions to conduct business while out and about with her cyber security program, Be Smarter Than Your Phone.

She believes that the internet has become a space riddled with malicious links, Trojans and viruses. Data breaches are becoming more frequent, and unsuspecting users are more vulnerable than ever before. When one click can cost thousands, and even millions, user need to be aware of actionable to-dos that can help them stay alert and safe online. JackieR is committed to helping the mobile device users "Be Smarter Than Your Phone!"

You can see the 57 minutes interview on YouTube here. https://youtu.be/ZEHaKgBtc18

Be Smarter Than Your Phone

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