Are You Missing Out on the Benefits of a Healthy Brain?

When are people going to realize that they need to take care of themselves? Most people put synthetic oil in their car but put garbage in their bodies.
By: OBL Nutraceuticals LLC
FRESNO, Calif. - Jan. 27, 2021 - PRLog -- Here's a list of 7 things you didn't know are damaging your brain every day:

1. Too Much Sugar
Too much sugar prevents the body from absorbing proteins and nutrients. This can slow the brain's growth. This happens because our body lacks adequate nutrients in the blood, and hence, it does not deliver enough nutrients to our brain, which in turn, deters its development.

2. Inadequate Sleep
Sleep deprivation can lead to several issues such as depression and impaired memory. The hippocampus suffers due to a lack of sleep. Even a single night of improper sleep can affect your brain's ability to memorize new information. Research shows that the brain purifies itself of toxins during the deep sleep cycle. Lack of adequate sleep can cause death to brain cells, which can lead to reduced cognitive abilities.

3. Missing Breakfast
Many people skip breakfast, but very few are aware of the fact that not having breakfast can damage their brain. Research shows that children who have breakfast regularly perform much better at school. Skipping breakfast results in low blood glucose levels, which adversely affects the brain's functionality.

4. Smoking
We are all aware that smoking causes cancer, but do you know that the addictive nicotine in cigarettes also shrinks your brain? In fact, brain shrinkage for a prolonged period can lead to Alzheimer's disease.

5. Eating Too Much
Overeating makes us gain weight, feel bloated, and increase the chances of life-threatening diseases. But you might be unaware that it also damages your brain beyond your imagination. It hardens the brain's arteries, hence, damaging our mental abilities. Several studies have revealed that high caloric intake for a prolonged period can, in fact, increase a person's chances of developing memory loss, or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), in the future.

6. Sleeping With Your Head Covered
Sleeping with a blanket covering your head might increase the consumption of carbon dioxide and reduce the consumption of oxygen. Oxygen is very essential for the proper functioning of your brain, and not having enough of it can harm your brain cells.

7. Not Taking Nootropics
Nootropics are supplements made specifically to help your brain function better. When you exercise you consume proteins to make your muscles bigger. But what do you take when you study for a test? What do you take to help your brain function better so you can get that promotion? Most people don't take anything. The problem is that most people don't even know that there are ways to make your brain work better.

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