Flexible Plan Investments celebrates 40 years of innovative investing with 40 acts of giving

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- Flexible Plan Investments is celebrating 40 years of using technology and finance to help everyday investors access the latest dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions.
- As part of its 40th-anniversary celebration, Flexible Plan Investments is matching donations to 40 charities submitted by financial advisers and investors, with a maximum match of $1,000 total to each organization.
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Flexible Plan Investments
Flexible Plan Investments
BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - Feb. 1, 2021 - PRLog -- Flexible Plan Investments Ltd. (FPI) is a leading provider of dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions for the separately managed account business. Today it celebrates 40 years in the investment advisory industry.

As part of the celebration, Flexible Plan Investments is matching donations to 40 charities submitted by financial advisers and investors, with a maximum match of $1,000 total to each organization.

"With all of the challenges the world faced in 2020, it seems only fitting that we mark this milestone by giving back," says Jerry Wagner, founder and president of Flexible Plan Investments.

This motivation to serve others is what led Mr. Wagner to found FPI back in 1981.

"Back then, most sophisticated investment techniques and solutions were only available to high-net-worth investors. The everyday investor had limited options," says Mr. Wagner. Changing that became his mission over the next 40 years.

Often seen as a pioneer in the industry, Mr. Wagner fuses technology and investment theory to develop tools and strategies that allow financial advisers and everyday investors to build portfolios that manage for risk, seek growth opportunities and keep costs low. FPI's more "dynamic" style of investing allows portfolios to respond and take advantage of changing market conditions.

Introducing investment approaches such as strategic diversification within a single account (the concept of mixing investment strategies and asset classes to increase diversification) and multi-strategy turnkey portfolios (blending core and explore strategies into one portfolio designed to be more robust in the face of changing market conditions) has helped FPI build on its reputation as an industry innovator.

FPI also developed one of the earliest risk-managed ESG investment strategies, For a Better World, which launched in 1998. It has since broadened its investment options to include faith-based investing solutions and dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions that provide fee credits to investors. FPI has also found ways for financial advisers to provide more services to clients through managed 401(k) and 403(b) accounts, variable annuities and variable universal life investments.

Today, FPI focuses on using technology to help advisers manage client investments and expectations. FPI's proprietary OnTarget Investing tool helps financial advisers track a client's investment progress using personalized benchmarks. Its adviser tools include the portfolio-building Illustration Generator and Compare tool, which shows how an existing portfolio compares to a proposed FPI portfolio; reports that allow advisers to "crash test" a portfolio against several economic environments; and the Market Regime Indicator, which displays the current state of the market at a glance and the investment strategies that perform the best historically in each regime. Most recently, FPI created an adviser business analyzer that allows advisers to access and examine their book of business at FPI, analyze client portfolios, and even project the revenue growth of their business.

"Technology has always been at the forefront of FPI," says Mr. Wagner. "When we first opened our doors 40 years ago, we knew that this focus on technology, along with superior service, would give us a unique advantage in the industry. Planning for and anticipating a growing, changing industry has allowed us to adapt and embrace the new challenges that await us."

For more information on Flexible Plan Investments, visit flexibleplan.com or contact 800-347-3539, ext. 1.

About Flexible Plan Investments Ltd.:

Established in 1981, Flexible Plan Investments Ltd. invests $1.5 billion in assets for clients in its separately managed account business (as of 12/31/2020). FPI is dedicated to preserving and growing wealth through dynamic risk management. FPI is a turnkey asset management program (TAMP), which means advisers can access and combine many risk-managed strategies within a single account. FPI's fee-based separately managed accounts can provide diversified portfolios of actively managed strategies within equity, debt and alternative asset classes on an array of different platforms. FPI also offers an OnTarget Investing tool to help set realistic, custom benchmarks for clients and regularly measure progress.

Melissa Karas (CMO)
Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.


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