Artist painting floral world this lockdown inspired by British Gardens

Artist creating her own floral kingdom inspired by British Gardens.
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LONDON - Dec. 29, 2020 - PRLog -- The lockdown has affected everyone's productivity in different ways. For some, their productivity hit new lows, while others found inspiration from unlikely sources while staying home. Among the latter is a brilliant artist Urvashi Patel.

Patel is an Indian-born artist, who is now settled in the United Kingdom. Inspired by British gardens, Patel's latest artwork is a beautiful collection of floral paintings. Featuring a variety of vibrant colours, her work is an instant mood-booster and stress-reliever.

Patel's artwork reveals that she is a nature lover and her surroundings play an important role in her art. She is especially intrigued by elements of nature, such as trees, flowers and birds.

For her, art is a way of expressing her thoughts and emotions. "When I paint, my brush dances in the rhythm of the music as my emotions arise." She says and that can be seen in her beautiful paintings.

Inspired by flowers in people's gardens during her daily walks this lockdown, her work is a series of vibrant floral abstracts. Her work is expressive and narrates its own story. She is intrigued by the way people adore and look after their gardens in the UK. To her, flowers are of the utmost importance; they bring joy and excitement, which is the feeling she has captured in her paintings.

What makes Patel's artwork all the more special and interesting is its intuitive nature. She follows her inner voice to create magic on the canvas and pours her soul out. Patel wants her clients to feel the same emotions that she feels while painting.

Florals seem to be the language of her soul and she has productively spent her time in lockdown, creating beautiful pieces of art inspired by them. It was during her walks during this period that she truly fell in love and appreciate the beauty of flowers in people's gardens. Patel took that love and turned it into pure magic.

The abstract elements in her work are not representations of flowers themselves, but instead, the feelings of elation that she felt when she saw them blooming. That's a feeling she wants to share with the rest of the world, which makes her work so personal and powerful.

Patel is launching her new floral collection at a virtual launch party soon, so stay tuned or sign up to attend so you can get a live glimpse into her breathtaking work!

Urvashi shares her journey and interact with her followers on instagram @urvashiartstudio


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