Bad Breath - What causes it & What to do about it?

Almost everyone experiences bad breath (halitosis) once in a while. But for some people, bad breath is a daily problem, and they struggle to find a solution. Approximately 30% of the population complains of some sort of bad breath. Halitosis (Latin for "bad breath") often occurs after a garlicky meal or in the morning after waking. Some people may not be aware of their own Bad Breath and learn about it from a relative, friend, or coworker, causing some degree of discomfort and distress.
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Bad Breath
Bad Breath
NAPERVILLE, Ill. - Dec. 23, 2020 - PRLog -- Problem:
For sure, one of the most embarrassing oral problems is bad breath or halitosis. In fact, it has been established that one in four people are regular victims of bad breath. While there are products like mints and mouthwashes that address the problem, none of them can handle the root causes behind it. The main causes behind it are specific foods, health conditions, and habits. Halitosis can also be temporary, arising from some particular food or drinks. These include items like onions, garlic, alcohol, coffee, or tobacco. In most cases, due to poor dental hygiene, food particles can remain stuck in the mouth and enhance the growth of odor-producing bacteria.

When the condition persists for extended periods, it can be a sign of some serious form of oral disorder. In some cases, dehydration or dryness of mouth that reduces the production of saliva can also cause bad breath. Other major causes are tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, or the formation of abscesses in the mouth. Apart from that, an infection of the sinus or in the tonsils can also lead to halitosis. It can also occur in patients suffering from liver or kidney-related diseases and uncontrolled diabetes. However, such cases also involve other symptoms apart from bad breath.

A complete dental check-up will help in finding the real cause behind halitosis and can also point out serious dental problems if any. A dentist will examine the detailed dental history of the patient and undertake a through an oral exam. The scale of the problem is established on a predefined scale depending on the odor intensity. There are also instruments to check the level of specific compounds that cause bad breath.

If needed, a professional cleaning can be done to remove any infections that might be present. In Right Choice Dental Care, the dentist can also suggest simple but effective lifestyle changes, and an improved dental hygiene routine to keep the problem under control.

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