Fast Tilt Retaining Wall Chosen For Marquee at Civita Retaining Wall Project

Centrally located in Mission Valley, the project includes construction and aesthetic requirements that Fast Tilt is uniquely positioned to fulfill.
By: Fast Tilt Retaining Wall
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Fast Tilt Retaining Wall - San Diego Project
Fast Tilt Retaining Wall - San Diego Project
POWAY, Calif. - Dec. 7, 2020 - PRLog -- Marquee at Civita, a green community that features brand-new contemporary townhomes, energy-efficient technologies and 60 acres of green open spaces, has chosen Fast Tilt Retaining Wall as the contractor for the community's retaining wall construction. Fast Tilt was chosen for its efficiency, design potential and cost-effectiveness offered by the patented retaining wall system.

Centrally located in Mission Valley near downtown San Diego, the Marquee project requires a 15-foot-tall retaining wall to be erected very close to the property line on a 45-degree sloped footing. A traditional masonry wall would require the build to exceed the height requirement in order to cut rake. This extra height would then require larger footings, meaning the cost of materials would substantially increase.

A pile-and-lagging system for this project would also be substantially more expensive than a Fast Tilt wall, and since it's not aesthetically appealing, an additional wall would need to be built to hide the unsightly pile-and-lagging wall, further driving up project costs.

With Fast Tilt, the top of the wall is profiled and no rake is needed. This means the wall does not exceed the required height, thus larger footings are also not required, and material costs are kept within the given budget.

Fast Tilt's patented construction method allows for much faster completion and enables the wall to have a finished look that can be customized to the project, whether the preferred look is an embedded mosaic, a clean and polished finish, or an exposed aggregate facing.

"We are pleased to be chosen for the Marquee project," says Jo Baumgartner, Fast Tilt's Vice President. "The Marquee retaining wall project is one that is perfectly matched to our capabilities, and we're proud to be the wall contractor of choice for what will undoubtedly be a beautiful, sustainable community."

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall is an award-winning retaining wall system that uses a patented tilt-up construction method to create beautiful walls quickly and cost-effectively. This effective method allows for a drastic reduction of materials as well as a much shorter timeline and the ability to decorate or finish both sides of the wall to the client's preference. No other retaining wall contractor offers this wide range of benefits to projects requiring retaining walls.

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