Two Baseball Players Release Book On Critical Lessons That Anyone Can Benefit From

Growing Into You: The Journey to Living On Purpose by Greg Tomchick and Bryce Herman
Authors Photo (Greg, Bryce)
Authors Photo (Greg, Bryce)
NORFOLK, Va. - Dec. 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Our country and world is experiencing drastic changes with COVID-19, rapid technological advances and impactful economic changes. Change is taking place all around us.

A new book has just been released that helps athletes, working professionals, and anyone going through transition develop/enhance their personal beliefs and lifestyle strategies which will enable them to create their own unique mark on the world around them.

The unique unfiltered letters between these two athletes show how mental processing and failure fitness can provide the means to not only survive, but come out of change a better version of yourself, no matter the state of the world...

Growing Into You is a literary journey co-authored by two baseball players; one a former professional baseball player turned resilience architect, and the other a current collegiate student-athlete. These two young men deliver impactful lessons and vivid experiences in the realm of personal growth and mental processing. Growing Into You aims to engage the minds of thinkers across the world who strive to tap into their unlimited potential by providing action-based ideas about how to continually grow into their best selves. Greg and Bryce share their visions and vital lessons learned in the format of unfiltered letters to one another. These letters will help anyone gain clarity into their mental models, and expose them to personal conversations regarding ways to improve those models. Topics that they discuss include: using your unique perspective as a superpower, how to define and pursue your life vision, how to use failure as feedback and result in growth, accountability, self-coaching, delivering value to the world, the power of routine and much more...

Whether you are a young athlete, working professional, or just a curious mind, this book will provide you with meaningful lessons that can be applied to any stage of life's journey you find yourself in. If you are determined on living your fullest life, open up the first page and enjoy the path to growing into you!

Greg Tomchick is a military-family-born former professional baseball player who uses the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business to reinvent himself as a resilience architect, where he now serves individuals and organizations across the globe. Bryce Herman is a Christian baseball student-athlete, servant leader, and author who shares his experiences with others so they better understand their journey and seek out continual growth. Together, Greg and Bryce deliver Growing Into You to share their experiences and tactics with an intention to leave the world better than they found it.

The book is available on the book website or on Amazon for $19.99.

Greg Tomchick & Bryce Herman


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