Americans Bombarded by 9.4 Billion Political Robocalls This Year, Says Nomorobo Report

Swing States and States That Have Already Started Early Voting Are Being Targeted Most Frequently
NEW YORK - Oct. 27, 2020 - PRLog -- Politics aside, one thing that nearly all Americans can agree on is that robocalls are the worst. So far this year, Americans have received an estimated 9.4 billion political robocalls, according to robocall blocking service Nomorobo.

"Political robocalls are out of control. 9.4 billion is a gigantic number," says Aaron Foss, Nomorobo's founder. "That means that every person in the U.S. received over 28 robocalls from politicians and their campaigns this year. And the election is still a full week away."

Are Robocalls Spreading Misinformation and Suppressing Voter Turnout?

Absolutely. One such robocall fraudulently gave a laundry list of ways that the database of mail-in voters would be used: by police to find people with outstanding warrants, by credit card companies to collect debts, and by the CDC to give "mandatory" vaccines. Robocalls like this one are clear attempts to persuade voters and influence the election.

In early September, Nomorobo immediately blocked this attempt to influence the election and helped the Michigan Attorney General's office to track down the responsible parties.

Swing States Are Receiving the Most Political Robocalls

While all states are being saturated with political robocalls, the battleground states and those that offer early voting have been getting special attention. California, Texas and Florida have garnered millions more political robocalls compared to other states.

Here is a chart of the top 15 states that have received the most political robocalls in 2020:

State Calls Estimated Across US
CA 1,167,911,000
TX 732,285,250
FL 612,226,750
NC 583,297,750
NY 531,345,000
PA 503,354,250
OH 481,121,500
MA 334,598,000
AZ 310,304,500
VA 307,155,500
GA 306,166,750
MI 293,974,000
WI 253,253,500
CO 245,712,750
NJ 234,963,000

"Even though many types of robocalls are illegal, political robocalls are exempt from most anti-robocall laws," said Foss. "Even carrier-provided robocall blocking products won't stop these types of calls – but this doesn't mean that American citizens should have to put up with fraudulent or misleading information."

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About Nomorobo

Nomorobo is a cloud-based service that effectively blocks illegal robocalls from reaching consumers' phones. Nomorobo employs a unique, FTC-approved technology that analyzes incoming calls and rapidly detects robocallers, telemarketers, and scammers.

Legitimate calls come through normally, but illegal robocalls are stopped before they have a chance to bother the consumer. Nomorobo's service has been integrated into many of the nation's top VoIP phone carriers and mobile apps including Charter Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, Ooma, Sonic, Burner and more.

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