OpsVeda 9.0 focuses on agility and automation needs of enterprises in the post-Covid era

With this release OpsVeda zooms in on rapid value creation by tapping into data lakes and data warehouses; launches Solution Factory to unlock instant visibility, optimization and automation across all operations and supply chain functions.
OpsVeda 9 Agility Now
OpsVeda 9 Agility Now
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Oct. 27, 2020 - PRLog -- OpsVeda announced the availability of version 9.0 of its industry leading Operational Intelligence Software that powers a vast library of Solution Packages focused on operations and supply chain. This is a major boost for operations teams, particularly at a time when they are challenged to transform business processes to address changing channel mix, product packaging mix, customer mix, all of which are the new realities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

OpsVeda 9.0 makes it easy for the business analyst or the application developer to bring data, link multiple processes and automate action, all in a matter of days. This is a powerful capability in the current context where businesses are trying to digitally stitch together departments to ensure a seamless experience for their customers.

"Most companies have struggled to realize ROI from data lakes and enterprise data warehouse initiatives, and this challenge has been unmasked in the wake of Covid. OpsVeda 9.0 was conceived and built ground-up to tap into these data repositories to uncover and realize value instantaneously," said Sanjiv Gupta, CEO of OpsVeda. He added, "This marks an important milestone in our ten-year journey to make customer operations immensely agile and profitable through operational intelligence and automation."

Significant additions and improvements in OpsVeda 9.0 include:

JUNI 2.0: OpsVeda's AI-powered JUNI, in its second iteration, helps unearth opportunities and risks in operations, almost instantly. The process of creating business functions, measures and consuming algorithms and data science plugins is simpler.

"OpsVeda JUNI capabilities are a game changer for us. The ability for a power user to launch data discovery and evaluate potential opportunities or disruptions with just a few button clicks, and then apply business rules to further refine the actionable components, greatly enhances speed for our operations," said Dana Howard, Vice President - Transactional Operations at Centric Brands Inc.

Ability to tap into conformed data from data lakes and data warehouses enables instantaneous realization of business objectives. This version also features readymade cloud integration to pull-in logistics information like shipment location, ETA and carrier rates from third-party providers. Traditionally supported RESTful event-based real-time connectors for systems of record such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce are enhanced.

Solution Factory: More depth and breadth with 100's of out-of-the-box storyboards. Existing Solution Packages across planning, sales, supply, inventory, logistics, manufacturing and channel are being expanded. New Solutions from the Factory cover functions such as quality, compliance, claims, service management & more. Customer analysts have the ability to discover their data to launch intelligent solutions by themselves, in just a matter of minutes.

Optimization: The portfolio of business functions is richer. New capabilities include data science plugins and optimization algorithms. These functions enable rule based as well as algorithmic identification and prioritization of opportunities, and risks.

Automation Bots: OpsVeda has made investments in RPA to automate the high value insights and autonomous actions prescribed by the OpsVeda solutions. The actions can be carried out in external systems or within OpsVeda. The bots will also play a role enabling quick data integration with little or no IT dependence.

Platform of Choice: OpsVeda 9.0 heralds the adoption of an open source database. This makes OpsVeda a platform of choice for a broader market beyond the typical ecosystems centered on large technology providers.

"OpsVeda 9.0 has been an amazing opportunity to take our patented data architectures and the foundation of configurability to create a seamless, nimble open platform. With Data API integration capabilities, our customer analysts can pull data from various landscapes in an automated way, build reusable components and discover impactful insights with the power of JUNI," said Ravi Mandayam, VP Engineering at OpsVeda.  "The newly re-engineered platform along with robotic automation will speed digitalization for our customers." he added.

About OpsVeda

OpsVeda is an enterprise software company on a mission to make customer operations immensely agile and profitable, through operational intelligence and AI-infused automation. Powered by patented technology and passion for business agility, OpsVeda solutions deliver predictive visibility and prescriptive automation towards opportunities, risks, and exceptions across the business functions of order fulfillment, supply, manufacturing, logistics, inventory, assets, and channel / retail. OpsVeda customers span consumer-packaged goods, food and beverage, fashion and retail, industrials, manufacturing, and high-tech industries.

Founded in 2010, OpsVeda proudly serves its customers from its headquarters in San Jose, CA and offices in Greensboro, NC and Bengaluru, India.


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