Huge Tax Increases if Joe Biden is Elected as President, Learn Why

If Joe Biden is elected as President in 2020, there will be huge tax increases. Joe Biden will have no choice but to raise taxes with his plan. You will pay more taxes than you ever have.
RALEIGH, N.C. & ATLANTA & TALLAHASSEE, Fla. & COLUMBIANA, Ohio - Oct. 21, 2020 - PRLog -- If Joe Biden is elected as the next president, you can expect huge tax increases during his term. Under Joe Biden your taxes are going up. He will need money for the green new deal he's pushing.
Guess where he's going to get it, from you. They are planning on doing this with taxpayer money. The estimated cost is 10 Trillion dollars.

They plan on borrowing the money from taxpayers, that means your taxes will have to be raised in order to pay off this debt.

What a stupid green new deal it is. They are going to tear down buildings and houses and rebuild them. There is got to be a better plan and a better way to spend money to protect the environment. This is what 47 years of experience gets us.

Joe Biden wants to end the Trump tax cuts. This will cause taxes to go up. Now Biden says he's only going to end these tax cuts on anyone making over $400,000. Originally he was going to end the tax cuts completely. He changed his story, again and again.

That doesn't matter, here's why. Taxing the rich does not work. When you raise taxes on the rich, they have less money to hire workers, which means less jobs. When you raise taxes on the rich and cut regulations, they move out of the U.S. They take their companies and leave.

This means less jobs. Guess what, we still have a debt to pay off. The rich and big companies can't do it, they left. That leaves us to pay off the deficit, which means raising and paying higher taxes.

As you can see Joe Biden's Plan doesn't work and Taxes will have to be raised at some point.

Don't let Joe Biden pull the wool over your eyes when he says he is going to create 7 million new jobs. He's going to do it with taxes. He wants to borrow trillions dollars for his new green deal. It will create jobs for a short time, but it will raise the deficit and cost taxpayers more. That's why he must raise taxes, to pay off the debt.

Biden's plan is to create jobs by borrowing money from the taxpayers and raising the deficit. This money will have to be paid back, that means higher taxes.

Better think of your wallet when you vote. You elect Joe Biden, it will be empty.

Socialism on its way.

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