Joe Biden Guilty of Accepting Money from China & Russia

Joe Biden has been accused of accepting money from China and Russia when he was vice president. New evidence proves Joe Biden accepted money from China and Russia. Both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden collaborated in accepting money from other countries when Joe was Vice President.
NORFOLK, Va. - Oct. 17, 2020 - PRLog -- The evidence is piling up and it looks like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are guilty of accepting money from China and Russia when Joe Biden was Vice President.

In case you are not aware of it, a computer was turned over to the authorities that belongs to Hunter Biden. On that computer they have found many emails relating to conversations between Hunter Biden, China and Russia.

These emails specifically discuss transactions for money from China and Russia. Recent information proves that Hunter Biden was involved in accepting money from these foreign countries when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Recent information shows that when the money was given out, it was distributed in certain percentages to the Biden Family. Joe Biden is referred to as the big guy in these emails.

Now you could interpret that the big guy is anyone. But on Friday a witness came forward and collaborated that the emails were accurate and verified that the big guy is Joe Biden.

The emails have a broken-down list of what percentages of money would go to each member of the Biden family along with others. The evidence clearly shows that Joe Biden was involved and knew of all the collaboration that took place.

The evidence, that has been verified from another source clearly shows that Joe Biden accepted payment from China and Russia, when he was Vice President.

Hunter Biden has also been interviewed and has admitted that they used his father Joe Biden's position as Vice President to make these deals happen.

Recent news has come out and it appears that the many members of Joe Biden's family made deals using taxpayer money, to pad their pockets, when Joe Biden was vice president.

The question you must ask yourself is. Can you trust a person when they are in government and they make back door deals with other countries, to make money off the people of the United States.

Joe Biden and his family have gotten rich by taking advantage of the American people and selling our country out to China and Russia.

If you haven't heard any news about this, it's because, Twitter and Face book banned it as soon as the story broke. It just proves that the media is trying to protect Joe Biden. They have been subpoenaed to appear because of their actions.

They have been accused of interferring with the presidential election

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