Pearls of Wisdom is one of the most enlightening books on wisdom and finding peace

An illuminating compendium for transforming life's trials and tribulations into wisdom and ensuing peace.
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
SYDNEY - Oct. 8, 2020 - PRLog -- the kind press is proud to announce the release of Pearls of Wisdom: For Your Path to Peace by Jane Holman.

Pearls of Wisdom eloquently teaches that peace is your deserving power as well as the catalyst for your greatest potential. Particularly when you combine thoughts, decisions and actions which welcomes true magic and finding peace into your life.

Peace is a guide. It's a barometer for how well you are connecting with your inner wisdom. Without it, there's a sense of unease: which is wisdom calling to garner your attention, to show you the way back to power and potential. You will come to know that your wisdom can be found within your reactions to life as it is often revealed through challenge and adversity.

Written in the pages of Pearls of Wisdom is the miracle you have been waiting for. Each pearl of wisdom opens a doorway and illuminates your own special path to the peace that you have been craving whilst covering more than one hundred themes such as abundance, addiction, anxiety, freedom, friendship, intuition, success, transformation, work and so much more.

As you embrace the truth of your innate and universal wisdom, everything that you thought was closed can finally be opened up, especially power, peace and potential.

Become the most wise, powerful and peaceful version of yourself even amid a stirring chaos.

'…it's your turn to discover the pearls of wisdom in this book, by (re)discovering the pearls of wisdom within yourself,' Cassie Mendoza-Jones, bestselling author.

About the Author:
Jane Holman is a former primary school teacher who finished her teaching career to expand her love of writing and energy healing. Through her business, Reiki One, Jane conducts energy healing, intuitive counselling and life coaching whilst providing considerate direction and genuine motivation for aspiring writers. She loves facilitating people with their inner journeys towards wisdom, peace, power and potential. Seeing people transform and spread their wings lights her up.

Jane lives on the north west coast of Tasmania. Pearls of Wisdom: For Your Path to Peace is her first book.


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Pearls of Wisdom is for purchase in both print and ebook formats.
Book Details:
Pearls of Wisdom
For Your Path to Peace
By: Jane Holman
Available: 10th October 2020
ISBN: 9780648792796
Number Of Pages: 362

Purchase link:


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