Study shows the state of hotel cleanliness in Europe. Which countries are best for booking hotels that are clean?

Last Minute Hotel Deals
Last Minute Hotel Deals
LOS ANGELES - Sept. 25, 2020 - PRLog -- Cleanliness plays a crucial role not only in our everyday lives but also in the world-wide accommodation industry. Many tourists attach great importance to the hygiene and cleanliness when booking hotel. It has come to the point where some platforms perform studies on the cleanliness of hotels and help you make up your mind. We've taken a close look at one of these studies to find out - which countries offer the cleanest hotels?

The tourist industry is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to the needs of tourists and customers. At this point, it goes without saying that adhering to the tastes of travelers goes a long way in securing the position of resorts and hotel chains. The same is true for standalone hotels. Considering that cleanliness of hotels is one of the most important factors taken into consideration when deciding whether to book a given hotel or not, hotel owners should step up their game and satisfy this need. Fortunately, as relayed to us by, some countries already offer a higher standard of hotel hygiene!

Hotel cleanliness by rating from highest to lowest:
1.  Slovakia - 8.75
2.  Moldova - 8.61
3.  Germany - 8.53
4.  Austria - 8.52
5.  Poland - 8.52
6.  Croatia - 8.51
7.  Switzerland - 8.51
8.  Portugal - 8.49
9.  Romania - 8.48
10.The Czech Republic - 8.46

The least clean hotels in Europe:

Unfortunately, not all countries offer hotels as clean as above. A ranking of the least clean hotels in Europe shows that Denmark offers the lowest hotel hygiene with a score of 7.70, followed by Norway and the United Kingdom with 7.81 and 7.83 respectively. Further down the ranking, we find the Netherlands with 7.77 and Belgium with 7.76. These countries should certainly look into introducing higher standards of cleanliness in their hotels if they want to attract tourists in the upcoming season.

Studies show that most of the respectable hotel chains and resorts around Europe works towards increasing their cleanliness ratings. However, standalone hotels still have a long way to go before they can be safely recommended as truly hygienic and clean.

Tomek Prentki, General Manager of


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