Five Important Spots to Install Surveillance Cameras Outside Your Home

Now that you've made the decision to up your security game around the house, it's time to get down to planning. There will be some parts of your security plan that you have no control over. For example, almost every security system control box is near your main entry point. But because every house is different, each one has different points of vulnerability. Most security companies prefer to sit down with you to plan where to place security cameras around your home.
By: Grand Slam A/V & Security
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HOUSTON - Sept. 23, 2020 - PRLog -- Main Doorways

The most obvious place for a camera is your front door. The highest number of break-ins happen when thieves come right through the front entrance. You'll want to place this camera high enough to be out of reach in case the perpetrator tries to knock it out. Keeping it in view could be an effective deterrent.


Although your house itself might not be the easiest of your prized possessions for a burglar to run away with, your car might be. Think of all the other great things you keep in your garage that thieves might like: expensive tools, lawnmower, bikes, etc. Your garage is also an easy in/easy out entry point. A camera on your driveway will give you an idea of who is coming and going.


A camera by the pool might give you peace of mind for another reason. Though you might not find too many burglars stopping for a late-night swim, there are other negative actions you may need to monitor. Sadly, it isn't that uncommon in this country for other community members, teens and otherwise, to help themselves to a dip in your oasis. Because these offenders are not always sober or smart, you may be wise to have footage available in case an accident happens.

Off-Street Windows

Many thieves bank on your front and back doors being locked, so they try to find a less obvious, possibly forgotten window to sneak in. That means you'll want protection on the sides of your house if those areas are hidden well from traffic. Thieves know than even if you've locked your windows, hidden areas invite the use of force or breakage.


Don't forget the downstairs! If your basement has doors or a window leading to the outside, an intruder might consider this out-of-the-way entry point, even if it means squeezing through a tiny opening. The basement is actually the 5th most common way for burglars to enter a home.

Installing CCTV (closed circuit TV) is just one component of a complete security system. Keep your family safe with a visit from Grand Slam (


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