Helena auditioned for Atlantic Records left everyone mesmerized, she is the real deal a rare combination of beauty and talent -Leon Youngblood SR

Helena is a remarkably gifted and humble rap star, she is a triple threat, rapping, singing and writing, she has a deadly pen, her lyric game is nuts. l will put her head to head with anyone. That's saying a lot when you realize who I am and who my son Roccstar is, producers for JLO, Post Malone, Chris Brown etc, in fact my son "Roccstar" and I became the only father and son to ever to go platinum, we did it on Chris Brown's album INDIGO. So I am qualified to speak on Helena's talent.
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Helena Atlantic Audition
Helena Atlantic Audition
ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. - Sept. 16, 2020 - PRLog -- Helena was brought to my attention by a talent scout.I connected with Helena and her beautiful mom Dina who looks more like her sister. I got to know Helena, what she likes, what she dislikes and her work ethic. I formed a bond with both Helena and Dina. It felt like I have known them all my life. Upon hearing Helena's full arsenal of skills, I was floored, when I say her full arsenal, I mean her ability to write songs and cross genres, her uncanny way of writing incredible rhymes which is rare, On top of that she hit me with a curveball, she can also sing. When a record executive and talent scout witnesses someone like Helena the wheels start turning quickly.

I immediately connected her with Atlantic Records, not only because Atlantic is the home of Cardi B and Bruno Mars, I felt Helena would be a perfect fit. I arranged an audition and Helena who was accompanied by her rock, her mother Dina. Let me tell you how it turned out. She killed the audition, literally wrecked the place, her stage presence is amazing, she is a show woman. She has a gregarious personality which is contagious, when you look at star potental you forcast for the artist. You imagine what she would be like to her fans, and how she would hold up in the public. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, thanks in part to her lovely mother Dina, she is also a nice person as well.

The following is Helena's personal story and journey, I told her story as a record executive, below she will tell you her story and what motivates her to keep going:

As far back as I can remember
, my mom has been the rock to me and my brother
She has always made sure she put us before anything and anyone else. As a single mother with 2 kids, (my brother and I), she was forced to assume both parental roles. She is a perpetual supporter of our dreams and ambitions, and works endless hours to provide us with opportunities to chase them. I did not know my father very well growing up.

He was injured while serving in the military and moved away when I was little. His injuries and other struggles made it very challenging for him to help my mom financially and be present in my life. My Papa (grandpa) on my mother's side, who was from Italy, stepped in to assume the role of a father figure. It was through him that I developed a love for singing. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of my Papa's face lighting up as I sang with him. When I was 11, we found out my Papa had cancer and needed treatment to prolong the little time he had left in our world. The news was devastating. But, given my love for my Papa, I had an idea.

I booked a music studio session and recorded myself singing a couple of his favorite songs. I gave him the CD so that he had something to listen to while he underwent Chemo. I'll never forget the day he called me to ask if what he was listening to was me. I said yes, it was, and he started crying. After he passed, I found peace in making music. I took up guitar and vocal lessons twice a week. I performed in coffee shops and school talent shows. Soon enough, I was picked up by a talent agency where I began appearing in commercials. High school was a rough time for me. I found myself in a very unhealthy/abusive relationship and basically lost myself. I gave up sports, music, and anything else that had meant so much to me before.

I also lost pretty much all of my friends, which only made matters even tougher. This period of my life was the second most trying period of my life, behind the loss of my Papa. After a few long, dark years, I finally decided I was going to take my life back and not be a victim of my circumstances. I went to my mom and told her I wanted to get back to who I am. From that moment on, we became an unstoppable team. She helped me apply for background acting jobs, set up photoshoots with local photographers, and would take me to studio sessions so that I could work on and record my music. This is where I began to get myself back, as music was my first love. To me, it's almost like the universe was waiting for me to get back to doing what I loved most. Opportunities started popping up left and right. I was traveling to LA 3-4 times a week.

Whether it was for a shoot, music session, collaborations with local artists, or features on bigger artists, I was busy as can be. But, it also meant I was meeting some of the greatest producers, my engineer Stewart, and many other talented people, all of whom have taught me what they know. My mom has stuck through it all. She was the one driving back and forth to Los Angeles, waiting for me in her car during 6- 12 hour sets, overnight studio sessions and meetings that she helped set up. As a result of all this hard work and some networking, my mom & I had the opportunity to meet Leon Youngblood Sr., a well respected presence within the music industry. He asked me to send him some of my music. A few days after I did, he called me to ask if I would be interested in a meeting at Atlantic Records, which I of course agreed to.

I was beyond grateful to him for this opportunity. For me, even just setting foot in Atlantic Records was like entering a dream. Besides my family, Leon has been one of my greatest supporters. He just has an amazing soul. I'm really excited for this year. I have big plans. My music career has really started to take off and I am eager to see what this year will bring. This year, I hope to release my self titled, debut EP, Helena. It's a project I've been working on for a bit and hope it will allow people to get to know me through my music. This EP will be very personal and I think people will see that. Additionally, I am also delighted to be announcing that I am launching my own make-up line called, "'H E L E N A' by Helena Destiny." As a 19 year old, I feel I can encourage my generation to stay true to themselves and always chase their dreams.

In a world where we all want to be "perfect," I want them to know that it's ok to have setbacks, as long as they do their best to keep moving forward and doing what they can to fulfill their own dreams. Once you've overcome your strife, you can push towards your dreams. Everything else will fall into place. I have learned so much through this experience and I am blessed to have been given the opportunities that I have. I just want to thank everyone that has been with me through this entire journey. I cannot thank my team enough for all of their unwavering support through it all.

"To show my love and support for Helena, I am putting her new video BLAM! on my platform of a billion people around the world. I will help shine the spotlight on her, to let the world know that she is coming and taking no prisoners. I am doing this out of respect for her talent and her amazing supporters and mom Dina. I am also putting her on a history making soundtrack that will be in the Guinness Book of World Records" - Leon Derrick Youngblood SR







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