Verdant.AI partners with Floodlight Invest to Accelerate Values-based Investing

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Erin Angerer of Floodlight
Erin Angerer of Floodlight
LOS ANGELES - Sept. 9, 2020 - PRLog -- Verdant AI, the leading AI venture studio announced today it has partnered with Floodlight Invest to accelerate the development and release of its values-based investing tool. Floodlight is part of Verdant's startup studio inaugural cohort and is supported by Verdant and backed by SF-based Village Global.

Floodlight is an AI driven information platform that provides actionable data to financial advisors seeking to balance portfolios to match their clients' values. According to Eaton Vance, 73% of financial advisors have clients that have expressed interest in responsible investing, the sweet spot of current market trends following in the footsteps of darling micro-investment companies like Acorns and Betterment.

The Verdant team has extensive experience making sense of large complicated data sets across a wide variety of sectors such as government, media and healthcare. It is applying that expertise to support Floodlight's mission to reveal insightful corporate activity that is often hidden within a Byzantine data labyrinth. Floodlight navigates publicly available records from the EPA, prison supply chain disclosures, political contributions and recorded human rights violations and applies AI to organize that data into a tool used by financial advisors to tailor client investments toward issues that are important to them. Advisors can now align client portfolios to their values and show demonstrably how investments reflect their views.

The company plans to roll out multiple "lenses" over time starting with a political lens and followed shortly by an environmental lens.

"Just because something is values-based doesn't mean it can't provide a great return," says Brian Dolan, CEO of Verdant AI. "In fact, our decision to partner with the Floodlight team is values-based. Their idea helps humanity make conscientious investment decisions fortified with their own personal values and that's an excellent thing, but we wouldn't have made our own investment without expecting a return."

Floodlight illuminates the path for a new age of investors to make informed decisions and form deeper relationships with their financial advisors based in values deeply held. By making public information already available more accessible, investors can now hold to account egregious corporate polluters, unethical working conditions, and other offenses that have flown under the public's radar up to this point, as well as highlight positive outperformers by sector in the values space. There are many public data sets that can inform value-based investment decisions, and Floodlight plans to integrate that data for a long list of future Floodlight "lenses."

"Floodlight's approach, combined with Verdant's unbelievable technological expertise provides a tremendous opportunity to enable advisors, and individuals to make a great return, and build the world they want at the same time.  We're thrilled to partner with Verdant as we turn this industry around."

Co-founded by Erin Angerer and Nate Wyne, Floodlight is currently piloting its technology with Registered Investment Advisors Hardy Capital, Divergent Wealth Advisors, as well as others. The company is committed to providing truly unbiased information to the world and empowering investment professionals to align portfolios to clients values, thus catalyzing a movement of change through purpose driven investing.


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