CEO and NFL Sports Agent Selwyn Roberts Reflects on His Successful Career

By: The Small Business Journal
Selwyn G. Roberts NFL Sports Agent and CEO
Selwyn G. Roberts NFL Sports Agent and CEO
COLUMBIA, S.C. & LAS VEGAS & ATLANTA & CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Aug. 25, 2020 - PRLog -- When it comes to being a professional or collegiate athlete, there is so much more that goes into success than just the skill and performance in the sport. It also takes marketing, networking, and having a team of people that believe in someone. That's where Selwyn G. Roberts comes in. As the Co-Founder and CEO of iXhault, Director of Web Development at Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, and an NFL Sports Agent, Roberts has dedicated much of his life to helping athletes reach the next level of their careers. To learn more about his experience, I talked with him about how his platform helps athletes overcome challenges, the importance of business and marketing in sports, and the most rewarding part about seeing his athletes thrive. Check out how our conversation went here:

Jay Block: I've always felt that there's a tremendous crossover between what it takes to succeed in sports and what it takes to succeed in other areas. Being around so many athletes on different levels and in various sports, what have you noticed?

Selwyn Roberts: You're right, Jay, sports and business cross over. They go hand in hand. Now, the new thing we're trying to engrave in the minds of athletes is that "You are a business." There is so much monetization that happens around the athlete that, sometimes, they're just oblivious to it. They're playing the sport, while billions and billions of dollars are being made off of their talent. Our job is to work with our athletes and say, "Hey, you have to understand that there's another side to just playing the sport. You have to understand business and how to conduct yourself accordingly."

Jay Block: What about the crossover from the skill position? What sort of intangible attributes do you think athletes develop to become professional athletes or college athletes that can also help them in business and other areas?

Selwyn Roberts: That's a fascinating concept. It's a mindset more than anything because they are starting a business – their business is them, and they are the product. Those intangibles or tangible assets include working hard, waking up early, putting in long hours, shooting the basketball at four or five o'clock in the morning or running routes and doing drills. As it relates to discipline, athletes must eat right to promote healthy living, which leads to increased performance. Also, they must also limit, or at a minimum critique, the places they go.

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