Leave Room For Ballots – Do only Essential Mailing In October

Helping the USPS #LightenTheLoad so ballots can flow through the mail system during October. Educating people on ways to #VoteSafely and to do only essential mailing and online ordering during October to #LeaveRoomForBallots in the mail.
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WAILUKU, Hawaii - Aug. 22, 2020 - PRLog -- Maury King, of Wailuku, Hawaii, recently started a campaign to encourage people and companies to support #FreeAndFairElections by helping to #LightenTheLoad of the US Postal Service (USPS) during election time by leaving room in the mail system for ballots to move smoothly. (#LeaveRoomForBallots Campaign).

During the month of October, people and businesses are encouraged to avoid any nonessential  use of USPS. The campaign encourages the following: Order online early. Big mail-order companies like Amazon and large mailers of printed publications like "Rolling Stone" and "Time Magazine" etc. could plan their mailings either far enough ahead or wait until after the results are all in to resume their shipping/mailing schedule. If businesses promote that they are participating in the #LeaveRoomForBallots campaign, they can also use that to show that they stand for free and fair elections.

"As the campaign unfolds, we are discovering new ideas about how people can help." King said. "People can #GoPaperless with their bills or at least #GoPaperlessForOctober. And most states have dropboxes that can be used for ballots, so #DropboxNotMailbox and your ballots won't use USPS and will leave room for ballots to flow in the system and you will have voted safely."

One idea the group would like to promote is asking huge shippers like Amazon that currently use USPS for #TheLastMile to keep the packages going to the front door with FedEx or UPS for the month of October. We have learned that packages are the thing that causes most of the delivery slowdown.

"I hope that #FreeAndFairElections are important to everyone and this is viewed as a non partisan issue. This campaign, if it catches on, could make a difference in people's ballots being received, being able to vote safely, and their voices being heard." King concluded. "We are encouraging people to use the following hashtags"



Maury King
808 268 3656


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